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Design tips for laser cutting.

Before you upload your file, make sure it's ready for the laser. Below are a few quick tips. Head on over to our Guidelines page to learn everything you need to know about designing for laser-cutting.

Upload one design at a time

Tell us your quantities and we'll "nest" your parts efficiently.

Art should be 1:1 scale

Your art should be sent to us at the exact size you want it cut.

Text should be converted to outlines

The laser cannot cut live text, so it must be changed into shapes.

Designs should be connected with "bridges"

Fonts should be stencilized, and shapes must be connected with bridges.

Available Materials

From indestructible to malleable, we offer all the materials you need for any project.

AR500 | Cold Rolled Steel | 6061 Aluminum | 5052 Aluminum
Brass | 1095 High Carbon Rolled Steel | Copper
Cor-Ten Weathering Steel | Hot Rolled Steel | Stainless Steel | Grade 5 Titanium

SendCutSend is proud to provide parts for:

Did order several parts from SendCutSend, delivery is as promised, and quality is great!
j y
j y
17:09 19 Mar 20
Great company in terms of ease of explaining the job. Quick turn around so that I can move to the next step.
Sam Hunter
Sam Hunter
16:21 19 Mar 20
Quality products, fast response. If you know what you want, it's quick and easy to do everything online. Great service available for special requests.
Jim Yorke
Jim Yorke
15:38 13 Mar 20
I just got my first order cut at SendCutSend, and I highly recommend them, could not have had a better experience. This is an awesome resource for anyone with basic design tools. I submitted art drawn in Adobe Illustrator, and prototyped it in paper cut on a Glowforge first to make sure my folds were working. Not only was turnaround fast and quality perfect, but the help team contacted me before they cut my design with suggestions for improvements -- and they were 100% right to do so. They shared a better hinge arrangement that made my folding design work much better and saved me from wasting money on a bad prototype. I resubmitted directly to the help team over email without having to modify my order and five days later the products arrived. They worked perfectly the first time.
Tony Ruth
Tony Ruth
16:37 03 Mar 20
First time ordering parts from SendCutSend and I am beyond impressed. I had an issue where my drawing was being scaled on upload. My emails were returned almost immediately and the issue was resolved painlessly. I was very happy with the price of my order ($100) compared to the price of raw material from metals depot ($60). The parts were very clean, deburred, and even grained! I did not expect such a professional product. The laser cut edges are as-expected for laser cutting 0.500” steel. Not perfect like a machined surface but very consistent. I had thru holes drawn at 1.500” that measured between 1.500” and 1.502”. Works for me!I placed my order on a Wednesday morning and had parts at my door by the following Monday evening. Packaged very professionally with a brochure and a sticker.I highly recommend SendCutSend and will be spreading the word about their service.
Mitchell Conley
Mitchell Conley
22:05 25 Feb 20
Just wild that it can be this painless to get such professional parts made as a hobbyist. Can't recommend highly enough.Super convenient and fast. I love how easy it is to quote and order. Uploaded files save to my account and it's really nice to be able to look at them and re-order or confirm what versions of files I've had made. The whole process is just so much simpler than I expected getting custom cut metal would be, especially of this quality. It's very straightforward and accessibly priced. Very few things actually necessitate talking to a person to produce, but when you do have to contact them with specific needs, they are friendly and efficient.
Shea Johns
Shea Johns
20:12 24 Feb 20
Unbelievable quality. Awesome packaging. Shipped within two days. I love these people!
Aaron Vazquez
Aaron Vazquez
23:45 21 Feb 20
First time using this service. Price was excellent and the shipping fast. The packaging was very impressive and the metal results were outstanding! I’ll definitely be using them again and recommending them to my friends.
Warren Burch
Warren Burch
04:15 19 Feb 20
Good People to do Business With.. Great job on Cutting Parts and Shipping very Professional Glad we Found You Thank You.
Julio Gonzalez
Julio Gonzalez
20:02 15 Feb 20
These guys are top notch. Third straight order delivered within 7 days of uploading the drawing. And the quality is amazing, keep up the great work!
Bradley s
Bradley s
14:15 10 Feb 20
Amazing product and service
Zephyr Pitre
Zephyr Pitre
07:57 05 Feb 20
Very, very fast responses from them. Always feels personal, and like they care about the customer. Recently they REDUCED the costs of certain materials making it more affordable than ever. Now this site offers the cheapest, fastest shipped out, most accurate plates that I have ever used for my keyboard hobby. I wouldn't recommend any other service knowing that sendcutsend exists
Jaime Reef
Jaime Reef
03:31 29 Jan 20
Great service, perfect parts.
Wistarmo Moore
Wistarmo Moore
10:23 22 Jan 20
Unbelievable customer service, support, quality, speed - everything. These guys (and gals) really are everything you ever hope to find in a company that you choose to work with. Over the course of three months, they worked with me on three different projects/ideas, with truly exceptional patience and punctuality (our email thread grew to be impossibly long, and I asked them SO. MANY. QUESTIONS). Their design team was willing to create and tweak my proofs in any way I ever requested, and not once did I get the impression that they were growing tired or impatient with me (in spite of all the odds...). Then, not only were production and shipping impressively fast, but the quality of the pieces I received was absolutely top notch. Each time I received them was an absolute joy.I can’t recommend them highly enough. I actually hope I have another project in my lap soon so that I can work with them again. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU to everyone at SendCutSend!! My project will be truly epic because of you!
Cate Fisher
Cate Fisher
23:56 11 Jan 20
Back in October 2019, I ordered an aluminum mechanical keyboard plate from SendCutSend. Submitting my order was simple and fast, and it shipped quickly. Although the piece itself was quality, there were a few imperfections I hadn't noticed until a few months later.When I emailed them about it in January 2020 (with details and later pictures), to my surprise they were willing to send me a replacement! I'd like to recognize Drew for helping and being patient with me; the responses were timely and they were willing to recognize my issue even though it was 3 months later.Amazing support. I would definitely recommend if you need any metalwork done.
Nickolas Phan
Nickolas Phan
14:04 08 Jan 20

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