Available Metals

We offer a variety of metals - in multiple thicknesses and sizes up to 48" x 120". If you're looking for a custom size or would like to send us your own metal, contact us at support@sendcutsend.com to get a custom quote.

How our pricing works: Our minimum fee is $29. Additional pricing is based on the selected metal, metal thickness, part size, and design density. Upload your art to see a live quote.

Our 1095 high carbon steel is a high carbon alloy of the plain carbon steel family. It is intended for high hardness and strength, but also tends to be brittle when hardened. Typically used for springs or cutting tools requiring sharp cutting edges.

If you're looking for a tough and durable steel for your custom knives, axes or other cutting tools, 1095 high carbon steel is your metal.

Our 6061 aluminum alloy (aircraft grade) is a precipitation-hardened aluminum. We like this metal for its strength, toughness and excellent corrosion resistance. It's one of the most common alloys for general purpose use.

6061 is also the best aluminum for welding. If you're looking for a weldable and super strong alternative to standard aluminum, 6061 is the ticket.

Our 5052 series aluminum is one of the most versatile grades of aluminum you can get. It welds beautifully, bends cleanly and has excellent machinability.

If you're looking for a material that is light, strong, easy to work with and resists the elements, you've found it. This is our favorite metal for prototypes, and... it looks great in any finish.

260 Brass H02 1/2 hard is produced from a combination of copper and zinc. In the yellow brass series, it has the highest ductility and has an attractive smooth, yellow brass finish.

Unlike steel and iron, brass will not rust when exposed to the atmosphere. Typical uses for brass include architectural, electrical, fasteners, consumer, and ordinance projects.

A-366/1008 Cold Roll is commonly referred as the “commercial quality” of cold rolled steel. Chemically, it is very similar to A36 Hot Rolled Steel, but the cold rolling process creates a better surface finish and better properties. The cold rolling process also increases the steel's strength-to-weight ratio and enables it to hold tighter tolerances during fabricating and machining.

Good ol' carbon steel (also known as mild steel) is our favorite material to work with by far. Our cold rolled steel is the go-to choice for fabricators, welders, machinists, prototypers, and anyone else who needs a strong, reliable part that is easy to work with. Cold rolled mild steel offers very good formability and high strength. Its surface finish makes it a better alternative to hot rolled steel.

110 Copper - also known as Electrolytic (ETP) Copper - is 99.9% pure copper with an electrical conductivity rating of 100+ % IACS (great for your electric vehicle projects!). 110 Copper has thousands of uses over a broad range of applications due to its conductivity, corrosion resistance, and ductility.

If you're looking to create some beautiful signage, architectural elements or jewelry, our laser-cut copper will stand the test of time and look good doing it.

Keep in mind that copper is very dense/heavy, so we recommend using thicknesses less than .125" for jewelry and ornaments.

Cor-Ten weathering steel is a unique metal that naturally forms a rust-like coating which resists corrosive elements like rain, snow, fog and ice.

If you're looking for a metal with a rustic and aged look, that will also stand up to the elements, Cor-Ten is the metal for you. It's both decorative and durable.

HRP&O (hot rolled pickled & oiled) is made of low carbon steel that is found in most industries as it offers good weldability and machinability.

If you are building something that has to be super strong and durable, HRP&O mild steel is the way to go. Our fabrication and welding customers love this material since it's so reliable and easy to work with. We also offer regular hot rolled carbon steel in .059" and .119". This is our favorite metal for signage and decorative pieces. It has a beautiful slate gray finish and contrasts well with the other metals we carry.

Grade 304 stainless steel is one of the most common grades of stainless steel. It's our favorite metal for decorative and durable parts.

Possessing excellent mechanical properties, the high amounts of nickel and chromium in stainless steels also provide outstanding corrosion resistance. Additionally, 304 stainless steel is weldable and formable.

We offer our stainless steel in three finishes – regular, grained, and mirrored.

Please note: Finishes are on one side only.


Titanium Grade 5 is not only our strongest metal, but it's also very lightweight. It's corrosion resistance makes it essential for aerospace engineers and its non-toxic, non-allergenic properties has made it popular in the medical field.

There is so much to say about this metal. Looking for a robust material that you can also weld and machine? Looking for a material twice as strong as steel with weights comparable to aluminum? Titanium Grade 5 is the answer.
Please Note:
Due to manufacturing variables, your parts may have small cosmetic imperfections/scratches. If you require a cosmetically-perfect finish, additional processing is available for a fee. Contact us at support@sendcutsend.com or make a note on your order to discuss options.