Ceramic Tumbling and Deburring Service for Laser Cut Metals

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Thinking of adding some finishing touches to your laser cut aluminum, copper, brass, steel or stainless steel? Tumbling is a great way to impart a uniform finish and remove burrs from a wide variety of metal parts, and should be part of your product design or hobbyist toolkit. Now, let’s learn all about it.

Ceramic Tumbling and Edge Softening

If you’re currently ordering, or thinking about ordering, laser cut parts from online manufacturing provider SendCutSend, you might be interested to know that the fine folks over there offer deburring and tumbling. We’ve mentioned it before in another blog post, but the topic deserves a second look.

Ceramic tumbled laser cut parts by SendCutSend

SendCutSend’s technology is a little different than the home rock tumblers that you might be familiar with. There are also some size constraints—nothing smaller than 1″ square or larger than 4″ square—and the parts should be fairly sturdy, which means you’ll have to find another way to shine up those laser-cut spiderweb wall hangings of which you’ve been dreaming.

Questions? Shoot us an email – support@sendcutsend.com

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