Netten Creative

from $75/hr


Experienced Mechanical Engineer and Certified Solidworks CAD Expert specializing in new product and prototype design. If you have a great idea for a project, I can help you design it, model it, and bring it to life quickly and efficiently with minimal prototyping!


I'm a Mechanical Design Engineer by day and run a small business with my wife on nights and weekends.

As a Certified SolidWorks Expert, I can help you design and model practically anything you can dream of that contains a mix of laser cut sheet metal components and other commonly used materials. I specialize in mechanical and electro-mechanical parts & assemblies, weldments, home decor, signage, and furniture for both personal and commercial use.

I also own a 3D printer and can provide printed prototypes (up to 8x8x8in) and can offer design feedback for many other manufacturing processes such as machining, injection molding, and stamping, to name a few.

I look forward to helping you create something awesome!

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