CNC Machined UHMW

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UHMW is a common plastic known for extreme durability, versatility, and cost-effectiveness. You can also count on it to be reliably abrasion, impact, and chemical resistant. As if you needed anything more than durable and cost-effective.

SendCutSend has it all, though.



Our Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene, or UMHW for short, was crafted as a unique solution for projects that needed durability, low friction, and chemical resistance. That means it’s used most often in wear applications that need a longer lifespan.

UHMW is self-lubricating, which ensures smooth and noiseless operations. Known for its extremely high molecular weight, it features an unsurpassed combination of slickness, toughness, and impact resistance.

UHMW is also easy to machine with common woodworking tools, one of the contributing factors to its cost-effectiveness. The truly surprising thing about parts made from UMHW is that they often outperform metal parts in specific applications. 

As with other plastics like HDPE, UMHW is an excellent fit for marine construction applications for things like dock fender pads, pile guards, and anti-skid walkways. Similarly, these two materials tend to replace wood in these scenarios and they do not rot, splinter, or corrode like wood. 

The most attractive thing about getting your low-cost UMHW through SendCutSend is getting access to similarly high quality, yet still low cost, cutting service to match.

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Available Thicknesses

Inches Millimeters Process
.125″ 3.2 CNC
.187″ 4.8 CNC
.250″ 6.3 CNC
.375″ 9.6 CNC
.500″ 12.3 CNC

Common Uses

  • Conveyor guard rails
  • Augers
  • Wear strips
  • Belt scrapers
  • Chain guides
  • Idler rollers
  • And much more


Can we bend it?

Can we tap it?

Do we deburr it?

How large can we cut a part in this?
47 “x 60”

Will it rust?

Plastic, composite, and wood materials cut on our CNC machine will have small tabs.

These tabs hold your parts in place while being cut to ensure the best accuracy possible. Click below to learn what to expect and how to best design with these tabs in mind.

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