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Is an Amazon-like metal fabricator possible?

Could the metal fabrication industry see a company as dominant as Amazon is in the retail business? It’s a possibility, especially if the vision of Industry 4.0 becomes reality.

Metal laser cutting as a service

Rapid turnaround laser cutting enables aerospace manufacturers to meet prototyping demands. Below are four laser cutting advantages for aerospace and how SendCutSend’s e-commerce model allows it to quickly process work for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and tier suppliers.

Jim Belosic of SendCutSend: How To Be Great At Sales Without Seeming Salesy

Jim Belosic is CEO of SendCutSend, a high-tech, rapid-manufacturing company specializing in the precision cutting of a variety of metals and aerospace materials. An avid hobbyist and maker, Belosic often found himself in need of specialized parts in small quantities to create his passion projects.

High-tech manufacturer growing fast since 2018 launch in Reno

Thanks to greater Reno-Sparks’ business-friendly climate, deepening talent pool, and access to a high quality of life, companies from across the country have been flocking to the region like clockwork over the past several years. Let's take a look at SendCutSend.

Applications for Precision Sheet Metal in Electronics Manufacturing

Today's consumers demand customization. One industry study commissioned by Protolabs determined that 86 percent of Americans found customization appealing when it comes to electronic devices.

Designing Laser Cut Metal Parts

Laser-cut metal parts have never been easier to manufacture. With new instant-quoting vendors, innovative cutting processes and fast turnaround times, custom-manufactured parts can be outsourced and produced with speed and precision, at an affordable price.

Three Manufacturers Provide Help With COVID-19

SendCutSend, Reno, Nev., a contract laser cutting company, said it has stepped up product of parts being made in response to COVID-19.

Not-so-heavy Metal: Designing Laser-cut metal signs

Here is a step-by-step guide on the best practices for designing metal signage.

How to design for laser cutting

Whether you are an engineer, an entrepreneur, or just a frequent user of prototypes, laser cutting allows the design and manufacture of products with speed and precision — at a low cost.

Water Jet vs. Laser Cutting

Laser cutting and water jet are two commonly used cutting processes in manufacturing. Depending on the material required and the desired end result, one of these two methods may be more advantageous. Below, learn the fundamental differences between these processes and the applications in which both processes are best suited.

Filling the Shortage of Battery Packs for Respirators

Two companies joined forces to develop a new generation of battery packs that are both cost-effective and easy to build.

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