Custom Waterjet Cutting Services

Until now, waterjet cutting parts has been a slow and expensive process for businesses and individuals. If parts needed to be sourced quickly, the price would reflect the time restraints. SendCutSend’s automated waterjet process allows us to provide everyone from small businesses to large aerospace companies with fast, efficient and affordable waterjet services.

If you’re looking for high quality cuts in difficult materials such as Carbon Fiber, G10 and Linen Phenolic (Micarta), try our waterjet cutting services.

Why waterjet cutting with SendCutSend?

Through our highly customizable, automated system your custom parts will be waterjet cut with precision on carbon fiber, G10/FR4, Phenolic (Micarta), and many more in the near future. Waterjet cutting is the method of choice for difficult-to-process materials. Although we love laser cutting, waterjet is the best way to cut composite materials, eliminating delamination, rough edges, and HAZ. When you get your parts waterjet cut with SendCutSend, here’s what you can expect.

High Precision cuts

Waterjet is capable of highly intricate cuts with tolerances of +-.009” (.25mm) or better in composite materials.


When your parts are waterjet cut there’s virtually no HAZ (heat-affected zone). Double check that your parts fit within our waterjet cutting guidelines, and we’ll cut them to near-perfection every time.

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Super edge quality

The combination of water speed, pressure, nozzle size and abrasive flow rate allow waterjet cutting to produce a superior edge quality compared to laser cutting.

Little to no burr or dross

The crushed garnet in the waterjet stream acts like a belt sander, slowly abrading away the material, leaving a very smooth edge. Dross and burr commonly found in other cutting methods is effectively eliminated.

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“I really can’t say enough good things about SendCutSend.  I love this place.  They answered my support questions immediately, even over the weekend.  The website was easy to use for uploading and selecting materials and gave me detailed information on the status of the order. The parts arrived within a week and were perfect.  This opens up a whole new way of making parts, one that is faster, better, and cheaper.  My plasma cutter might get jealous.”
JeFF Lit

No hidden fees

Pricing minimums on all orders start at $29. There are no minimum quantities and no hidden fees. You’ll also start saving 20% as soon as you add a second identical part. The more identical parts you add, the more you save.

24/7 access to our support team

Our customer support team and application engineers are available to assist you with any questions you have about your order. Email us at  and we’ll get back to you within 4 hours during business hours.

Free shipping anywhere in the USA

Standard orders are shipped with free 3-5 day shipping, anywhere in the USA. We also ship parts to anywhere in Canada for $19 flat-rate shipping on all standard orders.

Materials available for waterjet cutting

Before getting waterjet cut parts, keep these things in mind

  • Waterjet kerf is larger than with laser cutting, so expect internal geometry to have slightly radius'd corners, approximately .030" (.7mm)
  • Waterjet is a slower cutting process than laser cutting, which can result in longer lead times
  • Parts will have a small "tab" leftover from the manufacturing process

Make sure your files are waterjet ready

Having your parts cut using our waterjet services requires that your files meet specific guidelines. Use our waterjet cutting guidelines to make sure your parts and drawings are optimized for waterjet cutting

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We proudly use hardware by PEM

Flush Standoff, 4-40, .250" Zinc plus Clear Chromate

SKU SO-440-8
Thread Size 4-40 x .250″
Hole size in sheet (+0.003/-.0.000) .168″
Minimum sheet thickness 0.040″
Maximum sheet thickness .125″
Fastener material Steel
Minimum distance hole C/L to edge 0.230″
When determining the distance between two or more fasteners, you can calculate the distance by the formula, C/L to edge + 1/2 the diameter of the second mounting hole. .345″
Recommended panel material Steel/Aluminum
Coating type Zinc
Length .250″
Aluminum material ranges (5052, 6061, 7075) 0.040″-0.125″
Steel material ranges (CRS, HRPO, HR) 0.048″-0.119″