We thrive on fast, accurate and quality service. From file review to shipping – quality is our top priority. Don't just take it from us, here's what our customers are saying.

Daniel M.

I ordered some parts during the free parts promotion and it couldn’t have been easier to upload my files, choose a material, and finish the order. I saw on their social media that they received a ton of orders during this promotion and even with a lot of parts to create the parts I ordered Wednesday night were at my door Monday morning. I’ll definitely be ordering from them again.

Yossi B.

The service was prompt as promised. The packaging and the way they cut the file was great, living a clean result that requires only a minimum of work. Only a professional knows how to do that! Will definitely recommend it to anyone looking for that type of service. 10 stars!!

Caitlin M.

I ordered my bridesmaids names as a gift. Uploading my files and using the website was easy. The final product came out even better than I expected and everyone freaked out over how personal it was! I will absolutely be using SendCutSend again and again.

Rob R.

I designed and ordered a stencil to be used to spray paint my name on some storage tubs .... the stencil I received looks so good I don't want to use it as a stencil but instead hang it on my wall as an artwork. Thanks a lot SendCutSend!!! ;-)

Rick B.

I had a minor error with an order and sent an email, Jim responded in less than 5 minutes. Took care of the problem fast. Thanks for the great service.

Michael G.

Having worked with different laser-cutters in the past I was skeptical of the quality. But I was blown away by the precision and quick turn around time. The Send Cut Send team is extremely helpful as well.

William C.

I had SCS cut some low-tolerance intake manifold flanges for a Weber-to-Goldwing intake runner. Turnaround was 3 business days, parts were clean, and the packaging looks really impressive. I'm used to a saran-wrapped chunk of rusty stainless, but these look like they came from the shelves of a speed shop. Nice touch. They also handled my low-rent CAD work without issues.

Andrew P.

Faster than everyone else and the #8 polish requires much less work than competitors. Don't think about it...just order from sendcutsend!

Simply amazing. created a simple dxf with graphics software (not even CAD software) and uploaded it. A small amount of money and a few days later, I had precision cut parts in my mailbox. Couldn't have asked for more. For many years I have struggled with calling in favors or "bothering" local machine shops for custom parts, SendCutSend makes it as easy as ordering lunch at a restaurant.

Adam K.

This will be an indispensable resource for my work. I was paying upwards of $200 for the same parts from another vendor. This will save me hundreds and hundreds over this year alone. Easy to use, and like I said, as described.

Andrew G.

I needed a complicated part in 16 gauge stainless steel. Perimeter of part was circuitous with lots of radiused corners and there were lots of interior holes, both circular and irregular. SendCutSend provided what I needed at a very reasonable price and I received the parts (12 of them) just 3 days after ordering. Incredible.

Wes S.

I consider myself fortunate to have discovered SendCutSend. Traditional pursuits of soliciting service providers, issuing a print and waiting ages to rarely if ever experience a positive throughput, it was a real treat to find a team who delivers a quick turn around service, responsiveness to their customer and follow thru with quality fulfilment of those services. Hats off to all of the professionals amongst a seemingly large number who are not. Let SendCutSend run your parts today!

Teddy L.

My 2nd time in week and just like the first time, awesome work! Fast turnaround! Highly recommended! Working on the 3rd for some work. Hopefully I can get my computer fully modded by SCS!

Michael S.

I was really impressed by how fast they arrived! They are vacuum sealed so the parts couldn't move around which is nice. I just started a new company and it's nice to know that I can get the parts I need at a good price and a quick turn around!

Ruben C.

I was looking for a streamlined metal-cutting service that allowed for small prototyping orders and with prices that were not delusional. After years of searching and of running into false hopes, I've found the holy grail, it seems SCS has figured it out!

Paul F.

What I wanted was EXACTLY what I got. It was a quick turn, delivered as promised and looks absolutely great. I will turn to SendCutSend anytime I need any sort of cut out metal. I really respect how they handle their business and appreciate them saying what they were going to do and then doing it.

Nick D.

After a number of questions were answered by their very responsive support staff, I pulled the trigger and uploaded a set of parts to their automated system. The parts were shipped next day and arrived sealed in plastic. Tolerances were spot on and parts were beautiful! Highly recommended. I thought you couldn't have all three of fast, cheap and good!

Feng Y.

The technical person who worked on my order is professional and definitely knows what he is doing. This is a simple cut for personal home project, and I definitely will recommend this service to my colleagues when they need any metal cutting capability.

Grag A.

Blown away not only by the price, speed, and quality of product, but by the exceptional custom service I was shown. No this is not some bought review; they are actually that good. I look forwarding to coming up with more laser cut designs soon!

Xavier O.

I was blown away when I opened the box and saw my logo sitting there. Jim was very communicative during the process and even made some alterations to my artwork that would make it easier for me to mount. The process did not take long and shipping was sooner than I expected. Very pleased with my order!

Mike C.

I could not be happier. It's like ordering a pizza, but made from steel and super accurate.

Madhava K.

I needed few plates with pattern laser cut on it for a prototype. I found SendCutSend after trying to contact several service providers. I appreciate their prompt services and were nice to take care of a mistake that happened due to a mixup. I highly recommend their service.

Mark T.

I did not expect the awesome customer service I received. Jim talked me through several email until I had reworked my design to be what I'll call "laser friendly". It came out better than expected and I am more aware of how to create my designs in the future. Love the shipping progress update emails too. I will definitely be buying again and I recommend them over the other suppliers I have used. Thanks again!

Adam K.

It was a piece of cake to upload my file and check out, and my part arrived a few days later. The only problem was that the part packaging is kind of confusing; it looks like a single piece of corrugated cardboard without an opening. I thought my part was missing despite the big sticker assuring me it was inside. It's not between two pieces of cardboard- you've got to dig it out of the middle of one.

Jonathan S.

Awesome! My company, Tinkering Monkey, started using your services recently and we've been very impressed. This was my first time ordering on my own and I'm really happy with it!

Martin J.

This was my first experience using this type of service and working on a 2D CAD product. Through entirely my own fault the first part was made 1/2 the actual size. Even though they still made the part over -the correct size and sent it to me at no additional cost. Upon receiving the parts i was quite impressed. The cuts were very neat with only minimal clean up required. The holes were all about .005" smaller than the drawn size but I assume that is a normal tolerance.Apparently when shooting a laser through aluminum you get a little "dross" which kinda looks like corrosion on the back side. This disappears with a quick pass of some 320 abrasive. Now that the "prototype" is done I hope to have a run of them done in SS soon.

Grady F.

This was my first time using SendCutSend and they knocked it out of the park. It was incredibly precise to my drawing. And it fit my assembly perfectly. Couldn't be happier.