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Powder Coating Services

Powder coating is a durable and aesthetic finishing process used to protect and elevate your SendCutSend projects.

Custom powder coating gives your laser and waterjet cut parts a bold, long-lasting finish and protective layer which provides corrosion, oxidation, and damage resistance.

Starting from $9, no minimum quantity. As low as $1 per part in bulk! 

Please note: Powder coating adds 7-10 days of production time.

Fast, easy online powder coating services

Manufacturing leaders, businesses, product designers, and makers love powder coating because it provides one of the best protective coatings available, it’s durable, and it looks great. Powder coated sheet metal can last an average of 20 years in direct UV exposure before needing to be redone. Even if you’re making parts for the indoors, sometimes you want a little color added to your project.

Highly durable

Powder coating is one of the strongest finishes available. It’s impact, chemical, and weather resistant. To prove just how durable it is, we put some of our powder coated materials to the test.

Powder Coating works with almost any metal

If a material can hold an electrostatic charge and withstand heat, it can be powder coated. SendCutSend currently offers several grades of aluminum, steel, and stainless steel for our in house powder coating.

Prevents corrosion and oxidation

Certain metals, like mild steel and aluminum, take on a patina or will rust after a few years outdoors in the elements. Powder coating creates a barrier of protection against corrosion and oxidation of metals.

Available in 7 colors

Matte Black

Black Magic/BK120
0-9% Gloss

Gloss Black

Cardinal BK 12/(RAL 9011)
90% Gloss

Wrinkle Black

Cardinal BK176
10% Gloss

Gloss White

Tiger Bengal White 49/11111/(RAL 9003)
90% Gloss

Gloss Red

Cardinal RD03/(RAL 3002)
90% Gloss

Gloss Yellow

YL01/(RAL 1018)
90% Gloss

Emerald Green

49/52900/(RAL 6001)
85% Gloss

Be sure to check out our Powder Coating Guidelines to learn how to prep your design for powder coating.


With SendCutSend’s powder coating services, you no longer have to get your parts cut and then try to find an outside vendor for powder coating. Get your product cut and finished in one stop. Please note: Powder coating adds 7-10 days of production time.

Multiple finishes available

Whether you’re looking for an ultra-smooth, shiny appearance or a more subtle look, you can choose between gloss, matte, and wrinkle finishing available in black powder coat.

Affordable powder coating

Prices are based on the size of your part, with a $9 minimum per order, no minimum quantity. As low as $1 per part in bulk! Choose from seven colors. Available on most metals. Please note: Powder coating adds 7-10 days of production time.

Free shipping anywhere in the USA, and $19 flat rate to Canada

Standard orders are shipped with 2-day free shipping, anywhere in the USA. We also ship parts to anywhere in Canada for $19 flat-rate shipping on all standard orders.

24/7 access to our support team

Our customer support team and application engineers are available to assist you with any questions you have about your order. Email us at and we’ll get back to you within 4 hours during business hours.

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Materials available for powder coating

4130 Chromoly

Laser Cut 4130 Chromoly

The perfect steel for applications that demand high strength.
Learn More

5052 H32 Aluminum

Laser Cut 5052 H32 Aluminum

Inexpensive, lightweight and versatile metal.

6061 T6 Aluminum

Laser Cut 6061 T6 Aluminum

Perfect for aerospace and automotive applications.

7075 T6 Aluminum

Laser Cut 7075 T6 Aluminum

Extra strong aluminum perfect for your aerospace panels and parts.
Learn More

G30 Steel

G30 Steel

Perfect choice for long-term protection and durability due to its unbeatable corrosion resistance.

Mild Steel

Laser Cut Mild Steel

"Standard" common steel. One of our most popular and inexpensive materials.

Stainless Steel 304

Laser Cut Stainless Steel 304

Our favorite metal for durable and decorative parts.

Before getting your parts powder coated, keep these things in mind

  • Currently, powder coating adds 7-10 days lead time to your order
  • Aluminum, mild steel, and stainless steel are the best materials for powder coating
  • We do not offer custom colors in powder coating
  • 3” minimum part size; 23” maximum
  • Powder coating adds between .002-.005” to your final part

Best experience, from quote to goods received

“Starting from quoting, to ordering…ending in receiving goods, working with was by far the best experience we’ve ever had with purchasing parts”
David R.  | Manufacturer

Customers getting it done with SendCutSend

Here are just a few projects that have been cut using our powder coating services

Our Powder Coating Service FAQs

What materials are available for powder coating?

Materials have to meet a few requirements for powder coating: they have to be able to hold an electrostatic charge, and withstand high curing temperatures. Because of these requirements, aluminum, mild steel and stainless steel are the best candidates for powder coating. We can powder coat these materials in several different thicknesses. 5052 Aluminum 0.063″-0.500”

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What should I expect when I get a part powder coated?

Powder coating will add a 7-10 day lead time to your order. If you are ordering both powder coated and non-powder coated parts, split your order into two so we can ship your non-powder coated parts as soon as they’re done being machined.  If your powder coated parts are bent, be aware that the

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Can I powder coat my bent or tapped part?

Yes, you can powder coated bent and tapped parts but there are a few things to know. If your powder coated parts are bent, be aware that the die witness marks from the press brake will be visible through the coating. At this time, we cannot plug tapped holes before the parts are powder

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What colors are available for powder coating?

We currently offer powder coating in seven colors: Matte Black Gloss Black Wrinkle Black Gloss Red Gloss Yellow Gloss White Emerald Green Powder coating starts from $9, no minimum quantity with parts as low as $1 per part in bulk!  Please note: Powder coating adds 7-10 days of production time. Check out our Powder

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