Online Sheet Metal Bending Services

If you’re looking to make your 2D sheet metal project into a 3D part, CNC sheet metal bending is where to start. 

Bending is specific to each metal and thickness, and requires a high level of precision. Achieving a final product that fits within tight tolerances is a difficult process made easy by SendCutSend. We will bend your laser cut parts to your specifications within 1 degree of accuracy or better.  

Starting at $19 per order.


Sheet metal bending expertise you can count on

SendCutSend offers a number of high quality materials in various thicknesses for bending:

  • 5052 Aluminum .040”-.125”
  • Brass .040”-.125”
  • Copper .063” and .125”
  • Mild Steel .030”-.250”
  • 304 Stainless Steel .030”-.250”

Bending can be tricky to design for, but it doesn’t have to be. The best way to ensure quick and simple sheet metal bending is to follow our bending and forming guidelines.

Benefits of CNC sheet metal bending with SendCutSend:

  • Speed, cost and quality are unmatched (Bending services may add 1-2 days to our production times).
  • CNC sheet metal bending starts at $19 per design, with prices as low as $1 per part. No minimum quantities, no hidden fees.
  • 24/7 access to our brilliant Support Team and Application Engineers.
  • Top-notch equipment, robotics and automation help us achieve tolerances of +/- 1 degree or better.
  • You’ll get free shipping anywhere in the USA on all standard orders and free order tracking.
    In Canada? Shipping is just $19.

File Setup for Bending

For bent part files, upload a “flat” .DXF, .AI or EPS as you normally would. We do not require a 3D file for bending, although you are encouraged to attach an image preview to your order to help us understand your project. For more information, please review our CNC sheet metal bending guidelines here.

If you design your parts in non-CAD software (Adobe Illustrator), please send us the original (native) ai file. We’ll take care of the conversion on our end. While we accept .AI and .EPS files, it’s critical that your bend lines are parallel when uploaded from these softwares or the file will delay our process.

For the fastest turnaround on your order, we recommend designing your parts in a CAD software.


Our approach to CNC sheet metal bending

Top-of-the-line CNC equipment and robotics, combined with expertly trained staff means you get the best possible bends. Oh, and we still manage to bring you this quality at a fraction of the cost of traditional bending services.

How? That’s simple.

We’re in the business of taking complex systems and reducing them to their leanest parts, restructuring their flow, and doing it all over again. Our continuous improvement allows us to keep costs low as we streamline each part through a multi-step production line.

Manufacturing should be easier, so we’re making it that way.

What it means for you:

You’re getting the best prices possible because we are constantly evolving and working the process to make it better.

You’re guaranteed outstanding quality because we select only the absolute best equipment, and when we don’t like what’s out there, we build our own.

We’re always training our staff on new techniques and tools so that you’re always getting someone behind your work that knows what they’re doing.

Free instant quote for online sheet metal bending services

Send us your files, we’ll prep the sheet metal bending robots, and you’ll have your CNC bent parts in days. And don’t forget to check out our CNC bending services guidelines!

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