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Online Sheet Metal Bending Services

If you’re looking to make your 2D sheet metal project into a 3D part, CNC bending is where to start. 

Bending is specific to each metal and thickness, and requires a high level of precision. Achieving a final product that fits within tight tolerances is a difficult process made easy by SendCutSend. We will bend your laser-cut parts to your specifications within one degree of accuracy or better.  

Starting from $9, no minimum quantity. As low as $1 per part in bulk!

Sheet Metal Bending with SendCutSend

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CNC bending expertise you can count on

SendCutSend uses top-of-the-line CNC equipment and robotics, combined with expertly trained staff to give your parts the best possible bends. Just make sure your parts meet our bending requirements and you’re ready to bend!

We bend a variety of high quality materials

SendCutSend offers a number of high quality materials in various thicknesses for bending:

Reference our material thickness max/min chart for a full list of our in-stock material thicknesses.

We’ll make bend calculations for you

Our bending calculator allows you to enter your material, units, base length, and flange information and we’ll calculate your bend allowance and bend deduction for you. 


Flat Sizes up to 30” x 30”

As long as your part has a maximum flat size of 30”x30” and is no thicker than .250,” depending on flange length, we can bend it.

Super easy, extremely fast

I had a great experience working with SendCutSend. It was super easy to use the website with great documentation and resources for reference. Turnaround time was also extremely fast, I ordered and received my parts within a week! I also love the vacuum formed packaging – great way to securely ship a wide variety of parts in different shapes and sizes. Will definitely be a returning customer for both professional and personal projects.”
David van Daalen Wetters

We work with tight tolerances

Top-notch equipment, robotics and automation help us achieve tolerances of +/- 1 degree or better with our bending services.

Helpful resources make it easy to create your drawing for bending

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get your parts bent with SendCutSend. That’s why we’ve put together a variety of guidelines, articles, and videos to help you design parts for bending.

No hidden fees

Bending your metal parts adds a $9 minimum to your order, per design. Pricing starts at $2 per bend, once you’ve met the minimum charge.

24/7 access to our support team

Our customer support team and application engineers are available to assist you with any questions you have about your order. Email us at and we’ll get back to you within 4 hours during business hours.

Free shipping anywhere in the USA

Standard orders are shipped with 2-day free shipping, anywhere in the USA. We also ship parts to anywhere in Canada for $19 flat-rate shipping on all standard orders. 

Materials available for the CNC bending

What to expect when your parts are bent with SendCutSend

  • Simple, single bend parts will have a +/- 0.015” tolerance, bend to edge
  • Multi bend parts +/- 0.030” Bend to edge. Each bend adds at least .015” tolerance
  • +/- 1-degree tolerance on all bend angles.
  • Witness marks from the bending process will be visible. These can become deeper and more noticeable depending on the material.
  • We do not offer special protection available for cosmetic parts at this time.
  • Some bulging at the ends of the bend will be expected

Examples of bent parts

Here are just a few projects that have bent for our customers

See why customers dig us: SendCutSend reviews

Sheet Metal Bending FAQs

Can I Upload a 3D File for Bending?

It’s important that the file you upload for bending is a flat, 2D file. We have several tutorials you can follow to learn how to turn a bent part into a flat pattern in various CAD software. Once you’ve uploaded your file, you can preview a 3D model of your part during the checkout

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Why Won’t My Bent Part Preview In 3D?

When you upload your bent files for quoting, you’ll be able to view a model of it in 3D to check the angles and flange orientations. However, if your design is not previewing correctly in 3D, there could be a couple of reasons: Your design needs bend reliefs Bend reliefs can help prevent bulging

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Do you have tips for designing bend reliefs?

We sure do! Bend relief is one of those small details in a bent part that’s easily overlooked. In parts where it’s required, leaving it out can at best cause unwanted tearing, or at worst make your part nearly impossible to physically make (at least the way it’s drawn). Reference our comprehensive guide to

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Do you offer sheet metal bending?

Yes! We offer CNC bending using top-of-the-line equipment and robotics, alongside expertly trained staff. We have several requirements you must meet in order to use our bending services, so before uploading your design, please reference our bending guidelines. SendCutSend offers a number of high quality materials in various thicknesses for bending: 5052 Aluminum .040”-.125”

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What are die marks in sheet metal bending?

The tooling used in press brakes will often leave a surface mark on the bent sheet metal. These marks are called “die marks,” and while difficult to prevent, there are a few things you can do to hide or eliminate the unwanted markings.  SendCutSend does not offer die protection or mark removal, but one

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How do I set up my part for bending?

For bent part files, upload a “flat” .DXF, .AI or EPS as you normally would. We do not require a 3D file for bending, although you are encouraged to attach an image preview to your order to help us understand your project. If you design your parts in non-CAD software (Adobe Illustrator), please send

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What materials are available for bending?

SendCutSend offers a number of high-quality materials in various thicknesses for bending: 5052 Aluminum .040”-.125” Brass .040”-.125” Copper .063” and .125” Mild Steel .030”-.250” Bending can be tricky to design for, but it doesn’t have to be. The best way to ensure quick and simple sheet metal bending is to follow our bending and

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How to calculate bend deduction

We created a handy bend deduction calculator to help you make sure that your flange lengths are spot-on, every time: We walk you through our bending calculator in the following video.

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Free instant quote for online sheet metal bending services

Send us your files, we’ll prep the sheet metal bending robots, and you’ll have your CNC bent parts in days. And don’t forget to check out our CNC bending services guidelines!