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Online Laser Cutting Services

At SendCutSend, we use high powered lasers (4kW to 12kW) to create incredibly accurate cuts on materials such as 6061 aluminum, mild steel, copper, stainless steel, brass, laser cut acrylic, wood and more.

Whether you’re a small business owner in your garage, or a manufacturer that needs 100,000 parts a week, we help turn your designs into a reality by providing you fast, affordable, and accurate laser cutting services using industrial laser cutting.

SendCutSend laser cutting capabilities

Through our online automation, we make it easy for anyone with a computer to create custom parts that are low-price, high-quality, and with a quick turnaround time. Check out our full list of materials that we can laser cut. 

Fast, efficient, and free shipping in the USA

At SendCutSend speed, cost, and quality are unmatched. Most orders parts ship within 3-5 business days and we offer free 2-day shipping anywhere in the USA on all orders. In Canada? Shipping is only $19

We laser cut tons of metals. Literally.

We cut a variety of metals from A36 steel and 6061 aluminum to brass, copper, 304 stainless steel, and many more. We can cut most metals up to 1/2″ thick. Reference our material thickness max/min chart for a full list of our in-stock material thicknesses.

Before uploading your design to our website, check out our general maximum and minimum limitations for all of our materials, and the maximum and minimum material limitations for post processing (bending, countersinking, tapping, and deburring).

We cut acrylic and carbon fiber too

In addition to metals, our laser cut services include materials such as Acrylic, Delrin, Baltic Birch PlywoodCarbon Fiber, and more.

View our complete list of in-stock materials on our materials page.

We work with tight tolerances

With our fiber laser cutters, we’re able to make highly accurate cuts with tight tolerances within +/-.005″ or better.

We compensate for all kerf and line offsets in your design. We change the beam position based on the geometry of the part, and we are able to hold +/- .005″ tolerance or better on most materials. We take care of everything so you don’t have to. Check out our blog post on kerf in laser cutting to learn more.

Our fiber laser beam diameter varies between roughly 0.006″ and 0.010” depending on the material being cut, but you do not need to make any adjustments to your design to compensate for the kerf in the laser cutter.

Minimal HAZ

Our high-powered fiber lasers leave virtually no HAZ (heat-affected zone) on parts with simple geometry. 

Modern fiber lasers cut quickly and cleanly, capable of cutting upwards of 2,000 inches per minute in thin metals. They use a relatively small beam diameter that minimizes the amount of heat transferred to the adjoining areas. Of all the thermal cutting processes—plasma, oxy-fuel, and laser—it’s laser that creates the least amount of HAZ, while also being the most accurate and, in many cases, the most cost-effective.

Our laser cutting service is trusted by businesses, manufacturers, engineers, and makers alike

Don’t worry about kerf

When a laser cuts through a piece of material, the laser’s own width (about .008″) displaces a little extra material that is burned away that is known as kerf. Our software accounts for kerf in every single cut so that you don’t have to. 

No need to nest

There’s no need to pre-nest your parts when you upload your files to SendCutSend. Our in-house algorithms within our app will do it for you. We combine hundreds of orders onto our raw material to reduce waste and keep your costs as low as possible. 

24/7 access to our support team

Our customer support team and application engineers are available to assist you with any questions you have about your order. Email us at and we’ll get back to you within 4 hours during business hours: 7am – 7pm Pacific, Monday-Friday.

No hidden fees

Pricing minimums on all orders start at $29. There are no minimum quantities and no hidden fees. You’ll also start saving 20% as soon as you add a second identical part. The more identical parts you add, the more you save, up to 70% off.

Materials available for laser cutting:

While we can cut just about anything, there are a few things our laser cutters cannot do.

  • Lasers cannot cut materials that cause hazardous gasses when burned
  • Lasers cannot cut flammable materials
  • Lasers will leave small striations and an abrasive edge on materials over .187” in thickness
  • Lasers cannot cut extremely fine or delicate geometry in thick materials.

How to Order Online Laser Cut Parts with SendCutSend

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The quickest, best quality, and unbelievably most affordable

“I spent over 5 years and thousands of dollars prototyping with different machine shops, prototyping agencies, and contract manufacturers. Before SendCutSend, I usually had to wait a week or two for a quote, a month or more for the pieces to be made, and it cost hundreds to thousands. I got my first order from SendCutSend the same week I ordered; 19 parts for $30 including shipping! They are the quickest, best quality, and unbelievably most affordable company I’ve had the pleasure to do business with. We were able to crowdfund over $225,000 for our first multi-tool thanks to SendCutSend!”
Michael O’Donnell, GOAT Tools

Customers getting it done with SendCutSend

Here are just a few projects that have been cut using our laser cutters

Our Laser Cutting Service FAQs

What are your material size limits?

The minimum and maximum part size we offer changes depending on the material and its thickness. We have put together a chart broken down into four categories (Composites, Metals, Plastics, and Wood) so you can see all this information in the same place.  This maximum size limit is determined partially by the machining process

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What size gauges can you cut?

At SendCutSend we provide all of our material options in imperial and metric systems so there’s no confusion on what size material you’re ordering. We offer aluminum, brass, copper, mild steel and stainless steel in numerous gauge sizes. If you’re looking for a specific gauge size, please reference our comprehensive gauge size chart to

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What are your material maximum and minimum sizes?

Materials behave differently during machining, with capabilities and limitations that vary between materials and their thicknesses. That’s why it’s important to understand the tolerance of specific materials when designing your projects to be laser cut. Before uploading your design to our website check out our general maximum and minimum limitations for all of our

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What is the size of your laser kerf?

We compensate for all kerf and line offsets in your design. We change the beam position based on the geometry of the part, and we are able to hold +/- .005″ tolerance or better on most materials. We take care of everything so you don’t have to. Check out our blog post on kerf

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What are standard production times?

Although we cut and process parts seven days a week, we review orders Monday through Friday to coincide with our shipping carriers. Here’s how our process works: Your order is received and verified Our Application Engineers review your drawings Your drawings are programmed and scheduled – This is when you will receive an estimated

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Do I need to compensate for kerf in my design?

Kerf is the additional material removed by the cutting tool in the machining process. Think of a saw cutting through a piece of wood. The saw cuts through the wood where you need it cut, but it also “pushes” aside some of the wood due to the width of the blade. That is “kerf.”

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How do you calculate pricing for laser cutting?

The pricing for our services and post-processing operations is based on a number of factors, including material, material thickness, material weight, quantity, shape (geometry), and the overall design. We calculate over two dozen factors to give you the most accurate price possible. Please visit our pricing page for complete details.

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How quickly will I receive my parts?

For in-stock materials, we generally ship parts within 3-5 business days of receiving your cut-ready files. If there are any issues with your order, we’ll contact you right away. Our cut-off time for processing new orders is 12 noon, Pacific time. Orders received after noon will be started the following business day. Learn more

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