Why does my order say “TBD?”

If you see “TBD” on the tracking page for your order, your files are being reviewed and prepped for the laser. An estimated shipping date will be generated in the Tracker once your order is scheduled.

How our process works:

Although we cut and process parts 7 days a week, we review orders Monday – Friday to coincide with our shipping carriers.

  1. Your order is received and verified
  2. Our Application Engineers review your drawings
  3. Your drawings are programmed and scheduled – This is when you will receive an estimated shipment date
  4. Your parts are cut!
  5. We inspect your order for quality and accuracy
  6. Your parts are post processed, if required
  7. Second quality check
  8. Your parts are packaged for shipment
  9. Final quality check
  10. The shipping label is created and you receive an email with a tracking number
  11. Your order is shipped via our carrier on one of 3 daily pickups

How do I get my parts as fast as possible?

  • Order before 1pm PST, Monday-Friday
  • Provide drawings that meet our guidelines
  • DXFs from Solidworks, AutoCAD or Fusion360 will be processed slightly faster than EPS and Adobe Illustrator files
    (If you are using AI, please only send us AI files. Illustrator DXF exports do not produce reliable cutting paths.)

What could potentially slow down my order?

  • Orders received after noon PST will be processed the next business day
  • Orders with notes, special requests etc. will have additional processing time.
  • Drawings that include notes, borders, dimensions, or bend lines that need to be omitted.
  • Post processing operations such as deburring and ceramic tumbling.

Example Process Times:

  • If you order on Monday at 10am, your order is scheduled to ship on or before Wednesday
  • If you order on Thursday at 9pm, your order is scheduled to ship on or before the following Tuesday
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