Custom laser cutting services. Get parts, FAST.

Instant quotes, FREE rush production, and FREE shipping anywhere in the USA.

Custom laser cutting services. Get parts, FAST.

Instant quotes, FREE rush production,
and FREE shipping anywhere in the USA.

  • No minimum quantities
  • Parts starting at < $1 ($29 minimum order)
  • 2-4 day production on standard orders
  • Free design feedback & instant quotes
  • Free shipping anywhere in the USA, and only $19 to Canada!

Upload your DXF, DWG, EPS, or AI file, pick a material, get a price. All uploads are secure and confidential.

Don’t have a file? Try our Parts Builder!

Custom parts starting at $1 ($29 minimum order) from SendCutSend

Get your parts faster

It shouldn’t take weeks and $$ to get the parts you need. Upload your CAD design and we’ll make your custom parts in a few days – delivered right to your door.

Online laser cutting and waterjet services, made easy

Upload your design

Upload your CAD design

We accept
DXF, EPS, DWG & AI files.

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Prices include materials, cutting,
deburring and free shipping
anywhere in the USA, $19 to Canada

Standard orders out the door in 2-4
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on all standard orders

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Our CNC laser cutting service is trusted by 1,000s of
engineers, businesses, & manufacturers

Sheet metal bending, countersinking, powder coating, tapping, and deburring options

We offer sheet metal bending/forming, countersinking, tapping, powder coating and deburring, as well as online laser cutting and waterjet cutting.

Lightning fast turnaround

Every order is a rush order to us (why should it cost extra?).

Production time for standard orders in laser cut metal/acrylic, waterjet cut carbon fiber and CNC cut plastics a is 2-4 business days or less.

SendCutSend is the answer when you’re searching for laser cutting near me.  It’s like having a laser at your front door! 

Online Sheet Metal Bending Services

We will bend your laser cut parts to your specifications within 1 degree of accuracy or better.  

Starting at $19 per order.

Upload your AI, DWG, DXF, or EPS file for a free quote!

Give your part a colorful finish with online powder coating

Powder coating gives your laser and waterjet cut parts a bold, long-lasting finish and protective layer which provides corrosion, oxidation, and damage resistance.

Starting from $19, no minimum quantity. As low as $1 per part in bulk!

Easy tapping services for a great fit every time

Tapping is easier than ever with SendCutSend. Gone are the days of meticulous tapping by hand for every hole. Just leave it to us!

Starting at just $19 per order. Adds only 1-2 days to your turnaround time

Track your order from upload to delivery

Know exactly where your order is with our real time order tracker. Track the cutting, quality assurance and shipping processes from your phone or laptop. (Warning: it’s kind of addictive.)

No CAD file? Try our Parts Builder

If you don’t have a DXF file for laser cutting, no problem! You can now select, customize and order a variety of parts from simple brackets to house numbers in a matter of minutes.

"This opens up a whole new way of making parts, one that is faster, better, and cheaper.

My plasma cutter might get jealous."

Free deburring and finishing services

Our deburring/finishing process is included at no cost, because we want you to have good looking parts when they arrive at your door.

We offer a variety of metal, composite, plastic and wood materials

1075 Blue Temper Spring Steel

Laser Cut 1075 Steel

The choice for springs, clamps, coils, and more.

2024 T3 Aluminum

Laser Cut 2024 T3 Aluminum

One of the strongest materials we offer

4130 Chromoly

Laser Cut 4130 Chromoly

The perfect steel for applications that demand high strength.
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5052 H32 Aluminum

Laser Cut 5052 H32 Aluminum

Inexpensive, lightweight and versatile metal.

6061 T6 Aluminum

Laser Cut 6061 T6 Aluminum

Perfect for aerospace and automotive applications.

7075 T6 Aluminum

Laser Cut 7075 T6 Aluminum

Extra strong aluminum perfect for your aerospace panels and parts.
Learn More


CNC Cut ABS Plastic

The perfect material for prototypes, lab equipment, and instrument panels.

Laser Cut Acrylic

Laser Cut Acrylic

Great for a wide variety of projects. Inexpensive and versatile.


ACM (Dibond)

A lightweight material for panels and simple parts. Available in white, black, or brushed.


Laser Cut AR400

Abrasion resistant and incredibly durable.


Laser CutAR500

Harder and more impact-resistant than AR400

Birch Plywood

CNC Cut Birch Plywood

Stable and made with waterproof glue so you can use it in a variety of projects.


Laser Cut Brass

Attractive metal to use in decorative projects.

Carbon Fiber

Waterjet Cut Carbon Fiber

Lightweight and incredibly strong. Double-sided matte finish.


Laser Cut Chipboard

Our best material for prototyping. 100% recyclable.

Cork (Gasket Grade)

Laser Cut Cork (Gasket Grade)

A 10/20 sheet cork made specifically for gasket and seal applications.


Laser Cut Copper

Perfect for electric components and architectural elements.

Delrin® 150

Delrin® 150

An abrasion-resistant plastic for all your gears and robotics projects.



The go-to material for your electronic parts, robotics endeavors, and marine applications.

G30 Steel

G30 Steel

Perfect choice for long-term protection and durability due to its unbeatable corrosion resistance.


Laser Cut Hardboard

A unique kind of wood board, much like MDF. Durable and warp resistant.



This easily moldable material has a staggering list of usages from medical to nautical.

LE Phenolic

LE Phenolic

Use this for countertops, terminal bases, and propeller blades.



Medium density fiberboard. An inexpensive alternative to plywood.

Mild Steel

Laser Cut Mild Steel

"Standard" common steel. One of our most popular and inexpensive materials.

Polycarbonate (Lexan®)

Custom Cut Polycarbonate

An incredibly versatile clear material that is well-loved in the robotics and automation industries.

Stainless Steel 304

Laser Cut Stainless Steel 304

Our favorite metal for durable and decorative parts.

Stainless Steel 316

Laser Cut Stainless Steel 316

For when you need greater resistance to the elements than 304 can provide.

Titanium Grade 2

Laser Cut Titanium Grade 2

Super strong with added corrosion resistance. Easier to form than Grade 5.

Titanium Grade 5

Laser Cut Titanium Grade 5

Ultra high strength to weight ratio


Custom Cut UHMW

Count on this to be reliably abrasion, impact, and chemical resistant.

Material Sample Kit

Material Sample Kit

Try out our random sample pack! We'll include a random assortment of our most popular materials.

Upload your AI, DWG, DXF, or EPS file for a free quote!

Awesomeness guaranteed

We guarantee awesome quality parts. If you’re not 100% happy, we’ll give you a refund or remake on the spot. We may ask for photographs of any damage or imperfections to avoid the same mistake in the future.

SanedCutSend guarantees every part we send

Manufactured here in the USA

You’ll never have to worry about long lead times, shipping costs or questionable customer support. All orders are produced in the USA with two locations to serve you. 

We laser cut (or waterjet cut) all orders in-house in order to deliver the best quality, fastest speeds and lowest cost possible. 

We proudly ship anywhere in the USA and Canada.

See why customers dig us: SendCutSend reviews

Our Laser Cutting Service FAQs

What are best practices for minimum geometry?

Make sure all of the geometry in your laser cut part is at least 50% of the material thickness. As an example, if your material is 0.100” thick, the smallest hole you could expect to cut would be 0.050” in diameter.  Any interior geometry smaller than 50% of the material thickness will not be

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What are common problems to look for in my files?

Before you upload your files to SendCutSend, make sure to check for these common problems. Duplicate lines.  Duplicate lines in your file will be rejected by our automated system since the laser cannot recognize or cut them. Be sure to go through the geometry in your file and make sure that there is only

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What are your material size limits?

The minimum and maximum part size we offer changes depending on the material and its thickness. We have put together a chart broken down into four categories (Composites, Metals, Plastics, and Wood) so you can see all this information in the same place.  This maximum size limit is determined partially by the machining process

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What materials are available for tapping?

We currently have a variety of materials that are available for tapping.  0.063”-0.500” 5052 Aluminum 0.063”-0.500” 6061 Aluminum 0.125”-0.250” 7075 Aluminum 0.063”-0.250” Copper 0.063”-0.250” Brass 0.030”-0.500” 304 Stainless Steel 0.062”-0.250” 316 Stainless Steel 0.030”-0.500” Mild Steel 0.050”-0.250” 4130 Chromoly 0.125”-0.250” Delrin 0.250”-0.500” HDPE 0.125”-0.250” ABS It’s important to choose the correct tap for your

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What are tabs? How can they be removed?

Tabs are used to keep your part from falling out of its nesting during laser cutting. We laser cut a bit of additional material about 0.010”-0.015” thick on the outside of your part. It’s easy enough to break the part out of the sheet metal by hand, but strong enough to hold the part

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What should I expect when I get a part powder coated?

Powder coating will add a 7-10 day lead time to your order. If you are ordering both powder coated and non-powder coated parts, split your order into two so we can ship your non-powder coated parts as soon as they’re done being machined.  If your powder coated parts are bent, be aware that the

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How do I save money on my project?

Our pricing is based on a number of factors, including material, material thickness, material weight, quantity, shape (geometry), and the overall design. Follow these tips to get the lowest prices on your laser cut parts: Reduce the number of holes or “pierces” Eliminate duplicate lines and unnecessary geometry Keep your design smaller than 46”

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Can I powder coat my bent or tapped part?

Yes, you can powder coated bent and tapped parts but there are a few things to know. If your powder coated parts are bent, be aware that the die witness marks from the press brake will be visible through the coating. At this time, we cannot plug tapped holes before the parts are powder

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Do you have a file setup checklist?

Our pre-flight checklist for file setup applies to all our services. Make sure all your part files fit within these guidelines before you send them to us, and we’ll be able to get your parts to you faster and easier. Don’t forget to read up on all our services guidelines as well to make

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What are your material maximum and minimum sizes?

Materials behave differently during machining, with capabilities and limitations that vary between materials and their thicknesses. That’s why it’s important to understand the tolerance of specific materials when designing your projects to be laser cut. Before uploading your design to our website check out our general maximum and minimum limitations for all of our

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How do I order parts on your website?

We make ordering parts fast and convenient. For a step-by-step guide, check out this video or the steps listed below. Step 1: Head to our homepage and select “Get an Instant Quote.” Step 2: Drag and drop or select your part files. We accept DXF, DWG, EPS, and .AI Adobe Illustrator files. Check out

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What is the size of your laser kerf?

We compensate for all kerf and line offsets in your design. We change the beam position based on the geometry of the part, and we are able to hold +/- .005″ tolerance or better on most materials. We take care of everything so you don’t have to. Check out our blog post on kerf

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What materials are available for bending?

SendCutSend offers a number of high-quality materials in various thicknesses for bending: 5052 Aluminum .040”-.125” Brass .040”-.125” Copper .063” and .125” Mild Steel .030”-.250” Bending can be tricky to design for, but it doesn’t have to be. The best way to ensure quick and simple sheet metal bending is to follow our bending and

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What are standard production times?

Although we cut and process parts seven days a week, we review orders Monday through Friday to coincide with our shipping carriers. Here’s how our process works: Your order is received and verified Our Application Engineers review your drawings Your drawings are programmed and scheduled – This is when you will receive an estimated

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Can I rush my order?

We treat every order as a rush order. We are unable to speed up our production, but we may be able to offer expedited shipping in some cases. Use these ordering tips to get your parts as quickly as possible and to learn more about our production time.

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What could potentially slow down my order?

We cut and process parts seven days a week, but we review orders Monday through Friday. There are a few things that could potentially slow down your order. Orders received after noon PST will be processed the next business day Orders with notes, special requests etc. will have additional processing time. Drawings that include

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