Tapping Services

Select the holes you need tapped in your design, specify their threading requirements, and let us take care of the rest.

Starting at $19 per order.

Tapping your parts with SendCutSend

 Tapping is a service we knew you needed (because we needed it, too)! 

Design your parts with hole diameters that match our tapping specifications, select the thread/pitch from our setup tool, and you’re all set. 

Benefits of Tapping with SendCutSend:

  • Speed, cost, and quality are unmatched (Tapping services may add 1-2 days to our production times).
  • Tapping starts at $19 per design. No minimum quantities, no hidden fees.
  • 24/7 access to our brilliant Support Team and Application Engineers.
  • Top-notch quality control specialists inspect each of your parts for any errors, big or small. Tight tolerances and accuracy are guaranteed.
  • You’ll still get free shipping on all standard orders and free order tracking.

We guarantee awesome quality parts. 

If you’re not 100% happy, we’ll give you a refund or remake on the spot – no questions, no hassle.

SanedCutSend guarantees every part we send

Our approach to Tapping

Utilizing specialized, automated equipment, we precisely laser-cut a hole, create some threading, and send you on your way with your completed part.

Just like with CNC routing and bending, we have expertly trained staff members (and robots) that focus on just this process alone. This ensures one of our most important values is realized: “Always getting someone behind your work that knows what they’re doing.” 

Please review our tapping guidelines here.

What it means for you:

You’re getting the best prices possible because we are constantly evolving and refining our processes.

You’re guaranteed outstanding quality because we select only the absolute best equipment, and when we don’t like what’s out there, we build our own.

We’re always training our staff on new techniques and tools so that you’re always getting someone behind your work that knows what they’re doing.

Get an easy and free sheet metal tapping quote

Sheet metal tapping is easier than ever with an instant quote from SendCutSend. All you have to do is upload your sheet metal design and we’ll have it tapped and sent in a matter of days!

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