Fixture Tabs for CNC Machining

Plastic, composite, and wood materials cut on our CNC machine will have small fixture tabs on all parts.

We use these small tabs to hold your parts in place while being cut to ensure the best accuracy possible.

Read below to learn what to expect and how to best design with these tabs in mind.

What to expect from CNC router tabs

Fixturing tabs are necessary to ensure your parts remain stable during the CNC machining process. We’ve designed the tabs to be as small as possible for easy removal and finishing.

Fixture tabs are designed to be approximately half the depth of your selected material. Although we remove the majority of the tab before shipping, additional sanding or finishing may be necessary.

CNC router tabs in different materials and thicknesses

Plastics: ABS, some thicknesses of Delrin, HDPE, Polycarbonate, UHMW

Composites: ACM

Wood: Some thickness of Baltic Birch Plywood and MDF

SendCutSend Default Tab Specifications

We will create a small tab that is approximately .1875″ wide, with a depth that is half the material thickness.

Tab placement and location is based on part geometry, and will be chosen by our operators here at SendCutSend. (Keep in mind that the minimum part size for our CNC router is 1”x2″.)

The tabs will not affect your final design, but your parts may require further finishing to remove them completely.


Ready, set, get tabbing

If you have any further questions, please contact support at

See our CNC Machining Guidelines page for more information on designing your plastic and composite parts.