ACM Panel

SendCutSend’s ACM, or Aluminum Composite Material (sometimes called e-panel or DiBond®) is a low-cost, lightweight cousin to aluminum. This material should be on your mind if you need something both lightweight and inexpensive.

Our ACM (DiBond®) comes in matte white, matte black or brushed finishes.

Custom ACM/DiBond® parts starting from $29 per order

Fire Resistant

ACM Panel looks like aluminum, at half the weight

Often used in construction as building cladding, ACM (DiBond® / e-panel) is a powerful material for obtaining strength and aesthetics in your building renovation, visual merchandising, or machine enclosures.

Custom cut ACM (DiBond®)

ACM’s popularity comes from its metallic properties, which are achieved by taking two thin layers of aluminum sheeting and sandwiching them with a polyethylene core. The plastic core allows ACM to be about half the weight of a traditional aluminum sheet, while maintaining desirable characteristics found in solid aluminum alloys.

ACM is made up of around 80% or more recycled materials, so if going green is important to you or your customers, ACM panels are a great choice.

Common Uses

  • Visual merchandising

  • Framing

  • Archiving

  • Commercial interiors

  • Construction

  • Fine art applications

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Material Details

.118″ ACM Panel

Advertised Thickness .118″ | 3.0mm
Colors White, Black, Brushed
Thickness Tolerance Positive .030″
Thickness Tolerance Negative .030″
Cutting Process CNC Router
Cut Tolerance .005″
Available Operations
Deburring No
Bending No
Countersinking No
Tapping No
Anodizing No
Plating No
Powder Coating No
Hardware No
Design Considerations
Min Part Size 1″ x 2″
Max Part Size 44″ x 30″
Min Hole Size (CNC Bit Size) .125″
Min Bridge Size .118″
Min Hole to Edge Size .035″
Tab and Slot Tolerance .015″
Material Density per ft^3 73.220
Thermal expansion 2.4mm/m @100°C Temp  Difference
Impact Strength (kg/cm)  42
Peel Strength  >5 Newton/mm
Aluminum Thickness Where applicable as specified in EN485-4; otherwise ± 0.02
Core Composition  Polyethylene
Paint Thickness (micron)  20
Pencil Hardness  >HB
Toughness of Coating  3T
Temperature Resistance  – 50°C   t o   + 80°C
Boiling Water Resistance  Boiling for 2hrs without change
Acid Resistance  Immerse Surface in 2% HC1 for 24Hrs without change
Alkali Resistance Immersed surface in 2% NaOH for24Hrs without change
Oil Resistance Immerse Surface in 20# engine oil for24Hrs without change
Solvent resistance Cleaned 100 times with Dimethylbenzene without change
Cleaning Reistance >1000 times without change
Sound Absorbtion NRC 0.05
Sound Attenuation Rwdb 24
Water absorbtion % by volume 0.01
Thermal Preformance R Values 0.0057
Magnetic No
Does it Rust? No

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What to expect

Plastic, composite, and wood materials cut on our CNC machine will have small tabs.

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Brushed ACM panel is single sided

The back side of our brushed ACM has a dull, gray finish.

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We proudly use hardware by PEM

Flush Standoff, 4-40, .250" Zinc plus Clear Chromate

SKU SO-440-8
Thread Size 4-40 x .250″
Hole size in sheet (+0.003/-.0.000) .168″
Minimum sheet thickness 0.040″
Maximum sheet thickness .125″
Fastener material Steel
Minimum distance hole C/L to edge 0.230″
When determining the distance between two or more fasteners, you can calculate the distance by the formula, C/L to edge + 1/2 the diameter of the second mounting hole. .345″
Recommended panel material Steel/Aluminum
Coating type Zinc
Length .250″
Aluminum material ranges (5052, 6061, 7075) 0.040″-0.125″
Steel material ranges (CRS, HRPO, HR) 0.048″-0.119″