8 Weird Problems Solved with Laser Cut Metal Parts

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When you think of laser cut metal, what comes to mind? Steel plates? Signage? Pieces and parts that look like this? 

What about a bouquet of flowers? A panel for a stairway railing? Or even a stapler used in heart surgery? Believe it or not, laser cut metal was used in these projects and in dozens of other surprising scenarios.

No matter what your business, laser cut metal parts may be the solution to your oddball problems. From car shows, to disc gold courses, to event rental companies – all types of businesses have reached out to SendCutSend to help them get their projects done.

Whether you’re looking to have something cut from metal, or are curious about the possibilities, here are 9 examples of how custom metal cut parts helped save the day.

Weld Tags to Mark your Projects

Exposure to the elements makes outdoor sports hard on equipment. That’s why a disc golf course turned to using metal to create their custom bag tags. Both etched with the course’s logo and cut-out numbers – the metal cut tags added a little bling to the bag as well as an identifier that will stand the test of time.

A Spruced Up Stair Railing

When a home builder was looking to add an element of originality to a basement remodel, he turned to laser cut metal to create a custom look on the basement stairway. Even with this simple design, the custom staircase created an aura of elegance and a focal point for an otherwise normal room.

Charger Plates for Fancy Affairs

The owner of an event rental company needed her events to stand out above the competition. Charger plates are a beautiful and inexpensive addition to any table setting. They can tie together a theme or just pump up the panache.

A charger plate is a decorative plate that sits beneath the plate you eat from. It can be made out of anything – acrylic, plastic, or even wood. However, when cut from shiny, durable metal, these charger plates elevated the owner’s table settings from “so so” to “stunning”.

A Stapler that Saves Lives

A heart surgeon developing a new heart surgery device reached out to SendCutSend with a really weird problem. For his device, he needed metal durable enough to bend thin metal staples, but was also safe to come in contact with the human body during surgery. He reached out to SendCutSend to cut a prototype in various metals for testing.

Shiny Swag for Customers and Clients

The holidays are a great time to let your customers know you appreciate them. But sending out that run-of-the-mill holiday card, signed by everyone on your staff, ultimately ends up in the trash. Instead, one company wised up and sent something that will literally hang around forever.

The company designed their logo as a Christmas ornament and had it cut from brass en masse. This holiday ornament boosted their company’s brand awareness, and their large order allowed them to save big bucks on the overall cost. When taking into account the time it takes for your staff to sign all of those cards, metal ornaments may even be less costly.

Sandblasted Glass Designs

A company looking to sandblast logos onto glass needed a stencil that was both durable enough to endure the sandblasting but thin enough for the logo and text to be accurately etched on the glass. SendCutSend was able to create a stencil in .030” stainless steel, which would meet the company’s needs.

Bouquets of Flowers

Artists are always running into weird problems. When you’re working to make a vision in your head become a reality, creative problem solving becomes part of the daily struggle.

One artist specializing in painted flower sculptures, turned to laser cut metal parts to inexpensively cut his flower pieces in bulk. The cut pieces are then assembled, shaped and painted by the artist, creating stunning, one-of-a-kind pieces of art.

Car Show Crowns

A quirky car show exhibiting 80’s and 90’s nostalgia in automobile form, was looking for an equally quirky trophy to award its winners. SendCutSend was up to the task, cutting and etching each “trophy” with the car show’s logo. This memorable event was made even more memorable when winners – dubbed as car show kings – were fitted with the steel-cut and etched crowns.

The benefits of metal over other materials are many. Its durability is rivaled only by its range of uses, which is why it’s a likely solution to an array of weird problems.

So whether you’re a baker that needs to stencil designs on to glossy ganache, or an airplane builder designing a custom instrument panel, laser cut metal can help. Check out SendCutSend for materials, pricing, and loads of project inspiration.

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