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Exporting to DXF from SolidWorks

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SolidWorks is a preferred modeling software for 3D designs, but we need 2D vector files to cut your parts. Saving the whole part as a .DXF will flatten all the outlines for the whole part and complicate the cut. But never fear! You can export the outlined face of the part exactly as it should cut by following this tutorial.

Let’s begin!

First, check your export setting and make sure they look like this:

Exporting all splines and splines will be ideal. 

When you’re in “Feature” mode looking at the part, right click on the face of the part. Select “Export to DXF/DWG.”

 A save dialogue will pop up; name your part and select “DXF” as the suffix.

This will prompt a menu to the left. Confirm that only the face of the part is selected, not the whole body. We just need the top-down “outline” view, exactly as you want the laser to cut it.

If that looks right, click the green check mark. A preview of your DXF will appear. Double-check that everything looks right, click save, and you’re all set!

This should give you exactly what we need without any extra lines. Then just drag and drop the file into our instant quote tool, pick your material and quantity, and your parts will be on their way!

Pre-flight Checklist

Before you upload your design files, be sure to go through our pre-flight checklist:

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