CNC Routing Services

Need a sturdy carbon fiber chassis for that custom drone build? Or, maybe you’re looking for CNC routed birch plywood for your camper van conversion? We can help with that. Our CNC router services give you access to a wide variety of composites, acrylics, and wood. You send us a quality 2-D design, we’ll cut and send you some quality 2-D parts.

That’s the simplicity of CNC Routing with SendCutSend.

Three reasons to use SendCutSend’s CNC router services:

  1. Our CNC routers can produce one part, or thousands of parts at break-neck speeds, leading to faster production times and lower prices.
  2. Accuracy of +/- 0.005” or better.
  3. Lasers are great for metals, but for many composites, plastics and wood products, using a CNC router will deliver a better finished edge and higher part quality.

Gone are the days of sweating over a hand-held tool, desperately trying to make the same cuts over and over within a similar tolerance. CNC removes the greatest of all manufacturing pains: human error.

Additional benefits of CNC routing with SendCutSend:

  • Speed, cost, and quality are unmatched.
  • Our software accounts for kerf, so you don’t have to worry about it.
  • Speaking of prices, they start at $29 per order. No minimum quantities, no hidden fees.
  • 24/7 access to our brilliant Support Team and capable Application Engineers.
  • Clean, consistent edge quality thanks to our proprietary methods.
  • There’s no need to pre-nest anything, we use in-house algorithms to do the heavy lifting for you, ensuring the best material usage, and therefore, the best price.
  • You’ll get free shipping on all standard orders and free order tracking.
  • And as with our other services, you get convenience and flexibility built into the solution.

Ultimately, we’ve put together a best-in-class service to help you get your project done on time and on budget.

Our approach to CNC Routing and you

We’ve said it before, we aren’t salesmen, but if someone asked us what was great about our CNC routing process…well, we’d say our team.

Our dedicated routing team spends the entirety of their days working only on these types of jobs for customers like you, and often, customers like us.

As a side-effect of this kind of specialization, we’ve drastically improved CNC routing through our own proprietary processes, developed to meet complex challenges we discovered early on.

We apply the same standards of speed, affordability, and quality to every process at SendCutSend. Meaning, you can enjoy your custom CNC routed parts on the same timeline and at the same starting prices as our custom laser cut parts.

What it means for you:

You benefit from expeditious turnaround times, allowing you more control of your inventory, and deadlines.

You’re getting the best prices possible because we are always discovering new ways to make our processes more efficient.

You’re guaranteed outstanding quality because we select only the absolute best equipment, and when we don’t like what’s out there, we build our own.

You get access to an ever-increasing number of unique materials designed to help you do more in your projects.

Get us one (or many) of your designs, a couple of days to work our manufacturing magic, and we’ll get your parts to you pronto.

We’ll even throw in a little fairy dust on the house. Or candy, probably just candy.


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