What should I consider when setting up my file for powder coating?

The biggest thing to keep in mind if you want to powder coat your parts is the added thickness from the powder. Powder coating can add anywhere from .007”-.010” to the surface of your part, so design all clearances with the added width in mind. 

The best materials for powder coating are Aluminum 5052 and 6061, and any of our Mild Steels. The powder coat application and finish will be ideal if you can adjust your design to suit any of these materials. 

We also have a 20 parts per color minimum in place, so be sure that your order fills that minimum requirement for each color you are ordering. Keep in mind that powder coating will add a 7-10 day lead time to your order.

Check out our powder coating guidelines for more details on how to design with powder coating in mind. And read our blog post on how to optimize parts for powder coating to get the best possible outcome from SendCutSend’s powder coating service.

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