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FAQ Category: Powder Coating

What materials are available for powder coating?

Materials have to meet a few requirements for powder coating: they have to be able to hold an electrostatic charge, and withstand high curing temperatures. Because of these requirements, aluminum, mild steel and stainless steel are the best candidates for powder coating. We can powder coat these materials in several different thicknesses. 5052 Aluminum 0.063″-0.500”

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What should I expect when I get a part powder coated?

Powder coating will add a 7-10 day lead time to your order. If you are ordering both powder coated and non-powder coated parts, split your order into two so we can ship your non-powder coated parts as soon as they’re done being machined.  If your powder coated parts are bent, be aware that the

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Can I powder coat my bent or tapped part?

Yes, you can powder coated bent and tapped parts but there are a few things to know. If your powder coated parts are bent, be aware that the die witness marks from the press brake will be visible through the coating. At this time, we cannot plug tapped holes before the parts are powder

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What colors are available for powder coating?

We currently offer powder coating in seven colors: Matte Black Gloss Black Wrinkle Black Gloss Red Gloss Yellow Gloss White Emerald Green Powder coating starts from $9, no minimum quantity with parts as low as $1 per part in bulk!  Please note: Powder coating adds 7-10 days of production time. Check out our Powder

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