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FAQ Category: Materials

What are your material size limits?

The minimum and maximum part size we offer changes depending on the material and its thickness. We have put together a chart broken down into four categories (Composites, Metals, Plastics, and Wood) so you can see all this information in the same place.  This maximum size limit is determined partially by the machining process

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What size gauges can you cut?

At SendCutSend we provide all of our material options in imperial and metric systems so there’s no confusion on what size material you’re ordering. We offer aluminum, brass, copper, mild steel and stainless steel in numerous gauge sizes. If you’re looking for a specific gauge size, please reference our comprehensive gauge size chart to

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What are your material maximum and minimum sizes?

Materials behave differently during machining, with capabilities and limitations that vary between materials and their thicknesses. That’s why it’s important to understand the tolerance of specific materials when designing your projects to be laser cut. Before uploading your design to our website check out our general maximum and minimum limitations for all of our

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What are the material specifications?

Every material has its own set of data including thicknesses, common uses, and other specifications. It’s important to understand the material specifications of your chosen material before ordering your part. You can find detailed material data and specifications on our individual material pages.

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What materials do you offer?

You can access all of our materials through our materials page or the individual links below. 1075 Blue Temper Spring Steel 1095 High Carbon Steel 4130 Chromoly 5052 Aluminum 6061 T6 Aluminum 7075 Aluminum ABS Acrylic ACM AR400 AR500 Birch Plywood Brass Carbon Fiber Cork (Gasket Grade) Copper Delrin® 150 G10/FR-4 HDPE LE Phenolic

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Can I get material certifications (MTRs/Certs) for my order?

We receive material certifications from our supplier, which we can send to you upon request. You can use the certifications to trace the material back to the supplier, but we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy of each material certification.  If you want to request certification for any of our materials or have specific questions, reach

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What’s the largest single part that you can cut?

Our raw material is typically sourced in sheets up to 48″ x 120″ overall, depending on the material. Some materials are as small as 24″ x 36″. The maximum size for freight/shipping is 44″ x 94″. Oversized freight shipping will be quoted at the actual cost. You can find the maximum sizing for each

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