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FAQ Category: Tolerances & Standards

Will my parts be tapered?

Yes, it is possible your parts thicker than 0.250” will have a slight taper from top to bottom. The thicker the material, the more it will be tapered. SendCutSend’s state of the art laser cutting and waterjet cutting technology is able to reduce the amount of taper during the process, but it cannot be

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What are your etching limitations?

We do not offer laser engraving or solid etching at this time. Our etching services are limited to single-line etching, and you can see examples of this in these photos.  Single-line etching (SLE) is ideal for indicating bend lines, hole placements, and simple part markings. SLE should not be used for any cosmetic or

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What is the size of your laser kerf?

We compensate for all kerf and line offsets in your design. We change the beam position based on the geometry of the part, and we are able to hold +/- .005″ tolerance or better on most materials. We take care of everything so you don’t have to. Check out our blog post on kerf

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Do I need to compensate for kerf in my design?

Kerf is the additional material removed by the cutting tool in the machining process. Think of a saw cutting through a piece of wood. The saw cuts through the wood where you need it cut, but it also “pushes” aside some of the wood due to the width of the blade. That is “kerf.”

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