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Do you have tips for designing bend reliefs?

We sure do! Bend relief is one of those small details in a bent part that’s easily overlooked. In parts where it’s required, leaving it out can at best cause unwanted tearing, or at worst make your part nearly impossible to physically make (at least the way it’s drawn). Reference our comprehensive guide to

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Do you offer bending?

Yes! We offer CNC bending using top-of-the-line equipment and robotics, alongside expertly trained staff. We have several requirements you must meet in order to use our bending services, so before uploading your design, please reference our bending guidelines. SendCutSend offers a number of high quality materials in various thicknesses for bending: 5052 Aluminum .040”-.125”

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What are die marks in bending?

The tooling used in press brakes will often leave a surface mark on the bent sheet metal. These marks are called “die marks,” and while difficult to prevent, there are a few things you can do to hide or eliminate the unwanted markings.  SendCutSend does not offer die protection or mark removal, but one

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How do I set up my part for bending?

For bent part files, upload a “flat” .DXF, .AI or EPS as you normally would. We do not require a 3D file for bending, although you are encouraged to attach an image preview to your order to help us understand your project. If you design your parts in non-CAD software (Adobe Illustrator), please send

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What materials are available for bending?

SendCutSend offers a number of high quality materials in various thicknesses for bending: 5052 Aluminum .040”-.125” Brass .040”-.125” Copper .063” and .125” Mild Steel .030”-.250” Bending can be tricky to design for, but it doesn’t have to be. The best way to ensure quick and simple sheet metal bending is to follow our bending

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How to calculate bend deduction

We created a handy bend deduction calculator to help you make sure that your flange lengths are spot-on, every time: https://sendcutsend.com/bending-calculator/ We walk you through our bending calculator in the following video.

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