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FAQ Category: Surface Finishes

What is the smallest/largest part I can have deburred?

We can automatically deburr parts as small as 3″ long and about 1″ wide. Smaller parts may be able to be deburred using our ceramic tumbling process, depending on the design, material and geometry. We can automatically deburr parts up to 24″ wide and 96″ long, depending on the design, material and geometry. Thin,

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Why can’t I select deburring for my part?

Our deburring services are provided at no-cost for all eligible parts. If your part meets our requirements for deburring it will be automatically selected at check out. If deburring is not an option, it could be for several reasons: Size: Deburring is only available for parts that are at least 3″ in length on

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Do you offer deburring?

Yes! Our deburring/finishing process is included at no cost. We use a variety of processes to remove small imperfections, scratches, and burr left over from the cutting process. Deburring is available on parts larger than 3″ and tumbling for parts less than 4″ If your part qualifies for deburring, it will be automatically selected

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What does deburring do?

Our free deburring service will remove major imperfections on your laser and waterjet cut parts. While it won’t give your parts a perfect cosmetic finish, it will prepare them for finishing processes and assembly. Learn more in this video. If your project requires a perfectly brushed pattern, aggressive edge softening, or a highly polished

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Do you offer tumbling?

We soften the edges of laser cut parts and remove burrs on small parts through a vibratory ceramic tumbling process. We use specialized equipment that is harmonically tuned to the specific material we are tumbling which allows us to achieve a more consistent finish across the parts.  Ceramic tumbling is not a finishing process

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Will my parts have burr and dross?

SendCutSend’s state of the art laser and waterjet cutting prevent major burr and dross build up on your part, but both imperfections are still unavoidable parts of the manufacturing process. Read through our information pages for your chosen material to see pictures of what dross/burr looks like in different thicknesses, like on our laser

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Do you offer polishing and mirror finishes?

We do not offer any polished or mirror finish metals at this time. Mirror-finish acrylic is available, as well as a variety of plastics and composites with a gloss finish. If you need polishing on your parts, you will need to perform that process yourself after you receive them from us. If you are

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Do you offer linear graining?

SendCutSend does not offer line graining, but our free online deburring service will help remove any major imperfections leftover from the machining process. Deburring doesn’t polish the surface or leave it perfectly finished as with line graining, but it will prepare your part for additional finishing and assembly. For true line graining, you’ll need

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Will there be scratches on my parts?

There will inevitably be scratches left on the surface of your part after the machining process especially on the bottom side that contacts the laser bed. Thick aluminum (>.250″) may have a slight burr on the bottom edge. If you want to minimize the effect the scratches will have on the final look of

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