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Will there be scratches on my parts?

There will inevitably be scratches left on the surface of your part after the machining process especially on the bottom side that contacts the laser bed. Thick aluminum (>.250″) may have a slight burr on the bottom edge. If you want to minimize the effect the scratches will have on the final look of your part, select deburring or tumbling during the ordering process. 

Deburring and tumbling are not finishing processes and will leave some imperfections on the surface and edges of your parts. However, it will remove major imperfections like dross and burr, as well as many of the scratches leftover from the machining process. Be aware that the edges of your part may be slightly rounded off during deburring, and tumbling will give your part a slightly “antiqued look.”

If you are interested in a full finishing process that will protect your part from further wear and tear as well as hide imperfections, check out SendCutSend’s powder coating service!

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