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Will my parts have burr and dross?

SendCutSend’s state of the art laser and waterjet cutting prevent major burr and dross build up on your part, but both imperfections are still unavoidable parts of the manufacturing process. Read through our information pages for your chosen material to see pictures of what dross/burr looks like in different thicknesses, like on our laser cut aluminum

While you can’t directly prevent burr and dross, it’s important to follow our design guidelines completely because small geometry on thicker materials can contribute to dross build up on your part. We also offer free deburring and tumbling services to remove the worst of the dross, burr, and scratches, so be sure that’s selected during the ordering process if you’re at all concerned about buildup on your part. 

As always, reach out to our support team with any questions or concerns you may have about burr and dross on your part!

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