Free Deburring and Finishing

Our deburring/finishing process is included at no cost, because we want you to have good looking parts when they arrive at your door.

We'll use a variety of processes to remove small imperfections, scratches, and burr left over from the cutting process.

Not perfect, but close!

Please note that our finishing services will not result in a perfectly cosmetic finish, but the parts will be attractive, smooth and ready to use.

If your project requires a perfectly brushed pattern, aggressive edge softening, or a highly polished surface, we recommend performing finishing operations after you receive the parts from us.

Unfinished Imperfections

We'll get your parts lookin' great, if they meet a few requirements


  • Minimum material thickness of .059" or more
  • Intricate, fragile or highly detailed geometry may not be elligible for finishing. We will review these designs on a case-by-case basis.
  • For small parts
    The longest axis must be at least 3". For example, 3"x1" would be fine. 2"x1" is too small

  • For large parts
    The shortest axis should have a maximum length of no more than 24". For example, 24"x40" is acceptable, 40"x40" is too large.

What to Expect

Here's how parts will look without deburring or finishing:

  • There will be some minor imperfections.
  • Bottom face will have minor scratches
  • Edges will be sharp
  • To receive parts "as-cut" be sure to deselect the deburring option when ordering.


Our free deburring process includes:

  • Semi-even "brushed" finish
  • Minor edge softening
  • Removal of minor mill scratches and burr from the cutting process
  • Partial removal of mill scale for hot rolled materials
  • Partial (temporary) removal of oxide for aluminum

Deburred Parts

Ceramic Tumbling

Upon request (or at our discretion), parts smaller than approximately 4"x4" may be ceramic tumbled in order to provide a smooth surface finish.

Our free ceramic tumbling process includes:

  • Partially softened, smooth edge in most materials.
  • Partially "antiqued" finish and surface coloration.
  • Parts will be ready for polishing or chemical brightening.
  • Perfect for parts that will be handled often, such as jewelry or hand tools.

Tumbled Parts


Why can't I select debruring for my part?

  • Size: Deburring is only available for parts that are at least 3" in length on their longest axis, and less than 24" on their shortest axis. 
  • Material: Deburring is not available for all materials. Some mild steel and AR500 plate are not eligible at this time.
  • Thickness: We require a minimum thickness of .040" for titanium, copper and brass, and .059" (1.5mm) for other materials.
  • If you have questions, please email us at

What is the smallest part I can have deburred?
We can automatically deburr parts as small as 3" long and about 1" wide. Smaller parts may be able to be deburred using our ceramic tumbling process, depending on the design, material and geometry. 

What is the largest part I can have deburred?
We can automatically deburr parts up to 24" wide and 96" long, depending on the design, material and geometry. Thin, delicate designs may be damaged by our automated machinery. If you have questions about your design, please email us at for a free review by one of our application engineers. 

I need a perfectly brushed surface, like a home refrigerator. 
Due to machinery limitations, we won't be able to provide you with a perfectly even, brushed finish. Our process is used to remove scratches and imperfections, additional finishing my be required once you receive the parts. 

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