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How do I set up my part for bending?

For bent part files, upload a “flat” .DXF, .AI or EPS as you normally would. We do not require a 3D file for bending, although you are encouraged to attach an image preview to your order to help us understand your project.

If you design your parts in non-CAD software (Adobe Illustrator), please send us the original (native) ai file. We’ll take care of the conversion on our end. While we accept .AI and .EPS files, it’s critical that your bend lines are parallel when uploaded from these softwares or the file will delay our process.

For the fastest turnaround on your order, we recommend designing your parts in a CAD software.

Reference this chart to know what kind of lines are needed to indicate the bends in your part. This changes based on what software you use:

SoftwareFormatBend line
Adobe Illustrator.aiSolid, separate color from cut lines
AutoCAD.dxfDashed line
CorelDraw.epsSolid, separate color from cut lines
Fusion360.dxfSolid line (default)*
Inkscape.epsSolid, separate color from cut lines
Solidworks.dxfDashed line (default)

*For Fusion360 you will need to apply a thickness, convert to sheet metal, create a flat pattern, export .dxf, then convert spline to a polyline. This will result in 3 solid lines to export. The center will automatically be detected in the SendCutSend app for bending.

Do not leave notes in your file indicating the bend angle. During the ordering process, you will be able to specify the bend angle when you add the bending service to your parts.

Make sure the file you upload for bending is a flat, 2D file. You will be able to view your bends in a 3D model during the checkout process to make sure the angles and flange orientations are correct.

Designing bent sheet metal parts can be a complicated process, so review all of our bending guidelines to make sure your parts fit within our requirements for bending.

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