Laser Cut Chipboard

Laser cut chipboard is a simple, versatile material that lends itself to all kinds of applications, from artwork to home improvement. Chipboard is easy to work with, making it an accessible material for makers, engineers, and designers of any skill level.

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Easily Shaped

Environmentally Friendly Laser Cut Parts

One of laser cut chipboard’s greatest assets is that it’s completely green. Made entirely from recycled pasteboard, our chipboard is 100% recyclable.

Using Chipboard in Versatile Prototyping

We cut our chipboard using our CO2 laser cutters, bringing speed, accuracy, and affordability to every kind of chipboard project. And there are many! Chipboard lends itself to versatility in dozens of disciplines. The thickest and densest chipboards are used in countertops, furniture, and protective floor boards. The thinnest and most malleable chipboards are used in crafting, book covers, and even business cards. 

For all its uses and values, we recommend chipboard above most other materials for parts and product prototyping. Chipboard parts can be fastened together with just glue, and are easy to bend by hand. In addition to its workability, chipboard is also very affordable even in small part quantities. These values make it ideal for prototyping while staying well within your time constraints and budget.

Let us help bring your best products and parts to life with laser cut chipboard prototypes!

Material Details

Advertised Thickness .030″ | 0.76mm
Gauge N/A
Thickness Tolerance Positive .015″
Thickness Tolerance Negative .015″
Cutting Process C02 Laser
Cut Tolerance .009″
Available Operations
Deburring No
Bending No
Countersinking No
Tapping N0
Powder Coating No
Hardware No
Design Considerations
Min Part Size .25″ x .375″
Max Part Size 26″ x 20″
Min Hole Size .020″
Min Bridge Size .023″
Tab and Slot Tolerance .025″
Material Composition
Tensile Strength (Yield)
Shear Strength
Shear Modulus
Fatigue Strength
Brinell Hardness
Elongation at Break
Elastic Modulus
Poisson’s Ratio
Thermal Conductivity
Melting Point
Magnetic No

Common Uses

  • Crafting
  • Book covers
  • Prototyping
  • Business cards
  • And so much more!

Our Chipboard is Guaranteed

We guarantee awesome quality parts. If you’re not 100% happy, we’ll give you a refund or remake on the spot – no questions, no hassle.

Material Charts and Guidelines

Min/Max Part Sizes


Processing Min/Max Part Sizes


Density Guidelines


Design Guidelines


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