Laser Cut AR400 Steel

One of two abrasion-resistant grade steels offered here at SendCutSend, AR400 steel is formulated to take a massive amount of punishment and abuse.

Used in shooting range targets, armor plating, and quarry machinery, this material is ready to provide your projects with toughness and durability.

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Abrasion Resistant
Impact Resistant

Laser cut AR400 Steel for fortress-like durability

AR400 steel is designed to have excellent abrasion and impact resistance.

You’ll find it in everything from armor plating for Battlebots to bed linings for quarry dump trucks. 

Used in high wear applications

Laser cut AR400 plate shines with its low maintenance costs and its through-hardness, positioning it as an economical fit for large-scale mining operations and industries with high wear risk. This steel is three times stronger than mild steel and it can take almost any punishment you throw at it.

  • Combat robot armor plates

  • Sprockets/gears

  • Heavy equipment wear plates

  • Shooting targets

  • Heavy equipment bed liners

  • And so much more!

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Material Details

.250″ AR400

Advertised Thickness .250″
Gauge 8
Thickness Tolerance Positive .040″
Thickness Tolerance Negative .040″
Cutting Process Fiber Laser
Cut Tolerance .005″
Available Operations
Deburring No
Bending No
Countersinking No
Tapping No
Anodizing No
Plating No
Powder Coating No
Hardware No
Design Considerations
Min Part Size .5″ x .75″
Max Part Size 44″ x 30″
Min Hole Size .088″
Min Bridge Size .125″
Min Hole to Edge Size .075″
Tab and Slot Tolerance .050″
Material Composition Iron (Fe): 97
Manganese (Mn): 1.5
Silicon (Si): 0.50
Chromium (Cr): 0.45
Carbon (C): 0.20
Molybdenum (Mo): 0.050
Phosphorus (P): 0.025
Sulfur (S): 0.0050
Density 497.66
Tensile Strength (Yield)  
Shear Strength  
Shear Modulus  
Fatigue Strength  
Brinell Hardness 360 -440
Elongation at Break  
Elastic Modulus  
Poisson’s Ratio  
Thermal Conductivity  
Melting Point  
Magnetic Yes

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We proudly use hardware by PEM

Flush Standoff, 4-40, .250" Zinc plus Clear Chromate

SKU SO-440-8
Thread Size 4-40 x .250″
Hole size in sheet (+0.003/-.0.000) .168″
Minimum sheet thickness 0.040″
Maximum sheet thickness .125″
Fastener material Steel
Minimum distance hole C/L to edge 0.230″
When determining the distance between two or more fasteners, you can calculate the distance by the formula, C/L to edge + 1/2 the diameter of the second mounting hole. .345″
Recommended panel material Steel/Aluminum
Coating type Zinc
Length .250″
Aluminum material ranges (5052, 6061, 7075) 0.040″-0.125″
Steel material ranges (CRS, HRPO, HR) 0.048″-0.119″