CNC Machined Aerospace-Grade Carbon Fiber

Starting from $49

Our aerospace-grade carbon fiber (quasi-isotropic layup) is sleek, lightweight and more than 5x stronger than steel of the same weight.

Quasi-isotropic carbon fiber is a tough and highly rigid carbon-reinforced epoxy composite, made from many layers of woven carbon fiber fabric (2x2 twill weave), without any core material. Quasi-isotropic sheets utilize symmetrical lay-ups of 90-degree and 45-degree fabric. SendCutSend currently offers aerospace carbon fiber in 1/16" (~1.5mm) and 1/8" (~3mm) thicknesses. 

This grade of carbon fiber is smooth on both sides with a matte finish. Our Application Engineers love this carbon fiber's low thermal expansion, vibration dampening properties and incredible strength-to-weight ratio.

Our custom CNC machined aerospace carbon fiber is perfect for your robotics, automation, automotive and aircraft applications. If you need something beautiful, sleek and incredibly strong – look no further. If your application doesn't require a quasi-isotropic layup, consider our Standard Carbon Fiber material

Please allow 1-2 additional days of production for composite materials.

Maximum Part Size 22" x 34"
Sheet Thickness 1/16" (1.5mm), 1/8" (3mm)
Ply Orientation  Woven 0/90 and ±45
Max Temperature 140° F
Fiber Modulus Standard (33 Msi)
Composition Solid Carbon Fiber (All Woven, no core)
Approx. Weight 0.52 lb/ft2 (1/16") -  0.93 lb/ft2 (1/8")
Cutting Process CNC, Chip-Subtractive
Tooling diameter .125" (3mm)
Minimum internal radius .063" (1.5mm)
Plastic and composite materials cut on our CNC machine will have small tabs.

These tabs hold your parts in place while being cut to ensure the best accuracy precision. Click below to learn what to expect and how to best design with these tabs in mind.

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