CNC Machined Aerospace-Grade Carbon Fiber

Starting from $49

Our aerospace-grade carbon fiber (quasi-isotropic layup) is sleek, lightweight and more than 5x stronger than steel of the same weight.

Quasi-isotropic carbon fiber is a tough and highly rigid carbon-reinforced epoxy composite, made from many layers of woven carbon fiber fabric (2x2 twill weave), without any core material. Quasi-isotropic sheets utilize symmetrical lay-ups of 90-degree and 45-degree fabric. SendCutSend currently offers aerospace carbon fiber in 1/16" (~1.5mm) and 1/8" (~3mm) thicknesses. 

This grade of carbon fiber is smooth on both sides with a matte finish. Our Application Engineers love this carbon fiber's low thermal expansion, vibration dampening properties and incredible strength-to-weight ratio.

Our custom CNC machined aerospace carbon fiber is perfect for your robotics, automation, automotive and aircraft applications. If you need something beautiful, sleek and incredibly strong – look no further. If your application doesn't require a quasi-isotropic layup, consider our Standard Carbon Fiber material

Please allow 1-2 additional days of production for composite materials.

Maximum Part Size 22" x 34"
Sheet Thickness 1/16" (1.5mm), 1/8" (3mm)
Ply Orientation  Woven 0/90 and ±45
Max Temperature 140° F
Fiber Modulus Standard (33 Msi)
Composition Solid Carbon Fiber (All Woven, no core)
Approx. Weight 0.52 lb/ft2 (1/16") -  0.93 lb/ft2 (1/8")
Cutting Process CNC, Chip-Subtractive
Tooling diameter .125" (3mm)
Minimum internal radius .063" (1.5mm)
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