Carbon Fiber (Aerospace)

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Even stronger than our standard carbon fiber, this aerospace-grade stuff is here to help you win the next generation of the space race. Or help you make a replica Millenium Falcon drone to terrorize your neighborhood. Not that we recommend such things.

Let’s elevate your projects.

Corrosion Resistant

Aerospace-grade carbon fiber to rule the skies

Want to make stuff that goes fast and reaches high? Our aerospace-grade carbon fiber was made for this express purpose. It’s quasi-isotropic. If you know what that means, great. If not, let’s just say the strength and stiffness of this material are equal in all directions. Or, even further simplified:

It’s sturdy as all hell. Which is good, because this stuff is used to make actual plane fuselages (bodies) and wings!

That’s not going to change, either. If you’re in aerospace and you aren’t utilizing carbon fiber in your projects, you’re already behind the curve. This insanely lightweight and strong material is growing rapidly alongside the industry and as such is demanding to be adapted across many applications. 

For example, Airbus’ A350 XWB is now 50% carbon fiber composite, and they estimate a 60% reduction in maintenance costs from corrosion as a result. That’s sixty percent and only the beginning. 

We can outfit you with custom-created parts that pave the way to those kinds of savings. And even better, you won’t have to sell an arm or a leg to get them.

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Available Thicknesses

Inches Millimeters Process
.062″ 1.57 Laser
.125″ 3.2 Laser

Common Uses

  • Drones
  • Robotics projects 
  • Marine usages
  • Automotive 
  • Aerospace
  • Electronics applications


Does it bend?

Can you tap it?

Can this be deburred?

How big can I make a part in this?
23” x 46”

Will it rust?

Plastic, composite, and wood materials cut on our CNC machine will have small tabs.

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