Laser-cut Brass

Starting from $29

260 series, H02 1/2 hard brass is produced from a combination of copper and zinc. In the yellow brass series, it has high ductility, and an attractive, brushed, yellow-gold finish.

Unlike steel and iron, brass will not rust when exposed to the atmosphere. However, brass will tarnish/oxidize over time if it is not polished or treated with a protective coating. Typical applications for brass include jewelry, architectural, electrical, and decorative projects.

Available Thickness Chart

Inches Actual Gauge Millimeters
.04 .041 18 1.0
.063 .062 14 1.6
.125 .126 8 3.2

Laser-cut materials may have a small amount of dross (burr) on the underside of your part(s). This is a normal occurrence from the cutting process. Due to manufacturing variables, your parts may also have small cosmetic imperfections/scratches.

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