Laser-cut brass from SendCutSend

Laser-cut Brass

Starting from $29

Our brass is 260 series, H02 1/2 hard brass, which makes it that gorgeous yellow-gold finish perfectly suited for all those projects that need a little extra pizazz.

We are regretting using the word “pizazz,” please continue on and forget we said anything.

Rust Free


SendCutSend’s brass is gorgeous, easy to form, bend, and machine. This makes it the perfect material for your smaller hinges, locks, and other fasteners well-suited to brass usage.

Brass as a material is a poor environment for bacterial growth due to its innate antimicrobial properties. It isn’t really understood why, but that just means it’s great for medical applications and bathroom fixtures.

Additionally, unlike steel and iron, brass will not rust when used in external applications, and that makes it great for signage and decorative displays. However, if you intend to use it this way, it’s important to note that it will corrode with moisture, specifically in the form of tarnish. Brass is just copper and zinc (with a few other trace elements), and we all know what can happen to pennies over time if they aren’t treated, so make sure to treat in any scenario where moisture is a factor.

Due to the lack of ferrous materials in brass, it doesn’t spark, so you’ll be able to use brass in applications that require frequent interactions with flammable substances, too.

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Available Thicknesses

In Actual Gauge Mm Process
.04 .041 +/- .005 18 ~1.0 Laser
.063 .062 +/- .005 14 ~1.6 Laser
.125 .126 +/- .005 8 ~3.2 Laser
.187 .186 +/- .005   ~4.7 Laser

Common Uses

  • Locks 
  • Hinges 
  • Gears 
  • Bearings
  • Ammunition casings 
  • Zippers 
  • Plumbing 
  • Hose couplings 
  • Valves 
  • Electrical plugs and sockets


Does it bend?

Can you tap it?
Yes, on thicknesses greater than .063″

Can this be deburred?

How big can I make a part in this?
35” x 46”

Will it rust?
No, but it will tarnish with moisture, ammonia, and acetates.

Material Quality

We use the highest quality raw materials available, sourced from trusted vendors. Material certifications (PDF) are available below.

Brass .040″
Brass .063″
Brass .187″
Brass .250″

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