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A-366/1008 Commercial Quality Cold Rolled Steel (CRS).

Chemically, A-366 Cold Rolled Steel (CRS) is very similar to A36 Hot Rolled Steel, but the cold rolling process creates a better surface finish and better properties. The cold rolling process also increases the steel's strength-to-weight ratio and enables it to hold tighter tolerances during fabricating and machining.

Cold rolled carbon steel (also known as mild steel) is our favorite material to work with by far. Our cold rolled steel is the go-to choice for fabricators, welders, machinists, prototypers, and anyone else who needs a strong, reliable part that is easy to work with.

Cold rolled mild steel offers very good formability and high strength. Its surface finish makes it a better alternative to hot rolled steel, since it requires less post-processing and finishing.

Available Thickness Chart

Gauge # Inches Millimeters
22 .03 .762
18 .048 1.22
16 .059 1.5
14 .074 1.88
11 .119 3.02
10 .135 3.43
Clean Cut
Our cold rolled steel is laser cut using high-purity nitrogen to give you a clean edge. Using nitrogen as an assist gas prevents oxides from forming during the cutting process so your parts are ready to paint, powder coat or weld without any additional processing like grinding or sanding.