G-10 (FR-4 grade)

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Strong enough to meet your needs with a host of specialized electrical properties, low water absorption, and fire retardance, G-10 FR-4 grade is the go-to material for your electronic parts, robotics endeavors, and marine applications.

Low Water Absorption
Superior Electrical Properties
Fire Retardant

G-10 (FR-4 grade)

Our G-10 is made up of a mixture of epoxy resin and glass cloth, so you know it’s got strength under pressure. With superior electrical insulation properties, when both wet and dry, it’s the most widely used insulator for electrical applications in the industry. It boasts incredibly high mechanical strength and rigidity and has excellent dimensional stability over a wide temperature range, along with low water absorption rates.

Honestly, G-10 FR-4 is used most often in laminate circuit boards, but it does have a great many uses including insulating washers and transformer components. You’ll also find it used in firearm and knife grips due to its ability to take texture and color well. Any time you’re interacting with consumer electronics, you can assume that you’re in the vicinity of G-10 somewhere.

That said, if you need something to get wet and be lightweight while doing it, G-10 is the material for you. Often used in marine applications for housings and electronic components, this versatile composite is able to withstand harsh marine environments. Some spearfishermen even use it as the primary material for their spear guns due to its lightweight nature and low water absorption.

Machining G-10 FR-4 parts can be challenging for some, but that’s why you come to SendCutSend with your designs, You can trust us to handle the heavy lifting for you and let you focus on the big picture.

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Available Thicknesses

Inches Millimeters Process
.063″ 1.6 CNC
.125″ 3.2 CNC
.250″ 6.3 CNC
.375″ 9.6 CNC

Common Uses

  • Terminal boards
  • Washers
  • Structural components
  • Electrical test equipment
  • Electric rotor insulation
  • Circuit boards


Can we bend it?

Can we tap it?

Do we deburr it?

Will it rust?

How large can we cut a part in this?
34″ x 46″


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