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HDPE plastic is petroleum-based and suitable for a myriad of applications where impact resistance and low moisture absorption are critical to structural integrity. This easily moldable material has a staggering list of usages from medical to nautical.

Low Moisture Absorption


HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) is a thermoplastic that belongs to the polyolefin group of materials and is commonly used as a replacement for wood in marine applications. Sometimes you’ll hear it referred to as “plastic lumber” because of its excellent impact resistance, low moisture absorption, and high tensile strength.

This material is lightweight but tough, making it great for applications such as marine surfaces and bulkheads, industrial containers, structural components, and washers. And if that wasn’t enough, it’s especially useful in marine applications because of its non-toxic and non-staining nature.

HDPE boards are long-lasting, low maintenance, and safe, making them a healthy addition to your project. Resistant to molds, mildew, and other forms of rot, this material is uniquely suited for conditions where water transport or exposure are major factors. It’s able to be effectively sterilized and as such is used in many food and beverage applications. Wildly enough, this petroleum-based plastic is even used in reconstructive surgeries.

Water isn’t the only liquid this material is compatible with. HDPE is a great choice for use with most common chemicals, water, solvents, acids, detergents, and cleaning fluids. And if you’re still not sold yet, it’s easily recycled, has an insane strength to density ratio, and has mind-blowing corrosion resistance.

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Available Thicknesses

Inches Millimeters Process
.250″ 6.3 CNC
.375″ 9.6 CNC
.500″ 12.3 CNC

Common Uses

  • Plastic bottles
  • Milk jugs
  • Shampoo bottles
  • Bleach bottles
  • Cutting boards
  • Piping
  • Marine components
  • Bulkheads
  • Containers
  • Misc. Marine applications


Can we bend it?

Can we tap it?

Do we deburr it?

Will it rust?

How large can we cut a part in this?
47″ x 60″

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