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Laser cut 5052 H32 Aluminum

Laser cut 5052 aluminum is one of our most popular metals. Used in a wide variety of applications including aerospace, automotive, and robotics, our 5052 H32 aluminum is an excellent mix of high performance and affordability.

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Custom laser cut 5052 aluminum parts from SendCutSend
SendCutSend offers bending and anodizing for your laser cut 5052 aluminum parts

What is 5052 H32 Aluminum?

5052 H32 aluminum is strong, inexpensive, and lightweight. Whether you’re welding, machining, or bending, 5052 aluminum is going to be the go-to material for those projects that need excellent all-around material properties. Our laser cut 5052 aluminum is exceptionally lightweight and strong, making it perfect for projects where overall load is a concern.


Corrosion Resistance





Heat Treating

Strength-to-Weight Ratio

What can you make with 5052 H32 Aluminum?

With high relative ultimate strength (and fatigue strength), 5052 aluminum has a number of practical usages. It is non-heat treatable, which means that it is cold-worked to achieve its moderate-to-high strength properties. For greater strength, check out our 6061 series aluminum.

Laser cut and deburred aluminum parts

Services available for 5052 H32 Aluminum

Laser cut and CNC bent parts from SendCutSend


Add dimension to your projects with our precision CNC bending services.


This FREE process removes small imperfections, scratches, and burr left over from the cutting process.


Allow hardware to sit flush on your parts to reduce wear and tear.

Hardware Insertion

Select from our catalog of PEM press-fit hardware to add nuts, studs, and standoffs.
Anodizing colors from SendCutSend


We offer Class II anodizing services to add durability and character to your laser cut parts.

Powder Coating

Give your laser cut parts a bold, long-lasting finish and protective layer in one of 7 colors.


Quickly and easily add threading to allow for the addition of hardware to your parts.


Reduce the surface blemishes and handling scratches found in raw materials.

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Material Details

.040" (1.02mm) 5052 H32 Aluminum

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