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Our polycarbonate (Lexan) is perfect for high-impact applications, instrument panel covers, insulation applications, and fittings. It’s an incredibly versatile material that is well-loved in the robotics and automation industries for its insulating properties and high impact resistance.

It’s sure to enhance your next project.

High Voltage Insulation

Polycarbonate is an all-rounder

This impressively tough and transparent material can withstand high impact over a wide range of temperatures, has a high heat deflection temperature, and has a high modulus of elasticity, making it a great fit for construction applications such as windows, skylights, and roof domes. Of course, that’s only an extremely small view into what polycarbonate is capable of in the industry.

Polycarbonate material absorbs very little moisture and has high-voltage insulating properties. This makes it ideal for use in electrical and electronic components. Its transparency also makes it a superior option for structural applications that require, or otherwise would like, healthy sightlines. 

It’s actually commonly used in anti-ballistic panels (aka bulletproof glass). If that doesn’t stand testament to its impact absorption, we’re not sure what else would. If you still need more convincing, it’s also got a lot of other great stuff:

  • Unmatched clarity
  • Very low moisture absorption
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • High tensile, shear, and flexural strength
  • Low deformation under load
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion

Don’t know what that stuff is? That’s okay, it basically just means that polycarbonate thermoplastic is an absolutely resilient, powerful beast that won’t quit out on your projects.

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Available Thicknesses

Inches Millimeters Process
.118″ 3.0 CNC
.177″ 4.5 CNC
.236″ 6.0 CNC

Common Uses

  • Safety glasses
  • Room dividers
  • Bullet resistance
  • Electronics
  • Auto parts
  • Building applications
  • Agriculture


Can we bend i?

Can we tap it?

Do we deburr it?

Will it rust?
No, and it is corrosion-resistant

How large can we cut a part in this?
47″ x 60″


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