Laser-cut 1095 High Carbon Steel

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SendCutSend’s 1095 High Carbon Steel comes “as rolled” and is ready to become part of your custom sword build, specialized tooling, or next set of sushi knives. It’s the bread and butter of many of these projects due to its high carbon content.

If you can think it, we can cut it, faster and better, for less.

Hardness & STrength
Edge Retention

1095 High Carbon Steel All-Purpose

Similar to 1075 Blue Temper, this metal is made with springiness, hardness, and sharpness in mind.

That said, 1095 steel is just built different, literally. Boasting a higher carbon count than other 1000-series steels, 1095 is the ideal choice when hardness, and therefore edge retention, is the goal of your project. But this metal is versatile.

Particularly in areas of construction, 1095 steel shines. Shims for laying bricks, brackets for support, tools for actually getting stuff done, these are all great potential uses for this reliable staple of the steel industry.

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Available Thicknesses

Inches Actual Millimeters Process
.125 .125 3.2 Laser
.187 .178 4.5 Laser

Common Uses

  • Cutting Tools
  • Custom Knives, Axes, Swords
  • Various Springs
  • Shims
  • Automotive Parts
High Carbon Steel Elements


Does it bend?

Can you tap it?

Can this be deburred?

How big can I make a part in this?
35” x47”

Will it rust?


Material Quality

We use the highest quality raw materials available, sourced from trusted vendors. Material certifications (PDF) are available below.

HR1095 .122″

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