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Laser-cut 7075 Aluminum

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Our laser-cut 7075 aluminum has excellent mechanical properties, good ductility, fatigue resistance, high strength, and high heat tolerance.

7075 series aluminum is almost double the tensile strength of 6061 aluminum (~83,000 psi). 7075 is one of the most commonly used aluminum alloys for highly stressed structural applications, and has been utilized extensively in aircraft structural parts.

This is a great material for aircraft/aerospace applications, gears and sprockets, rock climbing equipment, chassis/frames, and more. Similar in strength to titanium, but at a slightly lower cost. When you need CNC laser cut parts that are low weight, and high strength, 7075 is the way to go.


Available Thickness Chart

Inches Typical Thickness Deviation Gauge Millimeters
.125″   +/- .003″ 8 3.1
.190″   +/- .004″   4.8
.250″   +/- .005″   6.3

Laser-cut aluminum may have a bit of dross (burr) on the underside of your part(s). This is a normal occurrence from the cutting process. Due to manufacturing variables, your parts may also have small cosmetic imperfections/scratches.

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