Laser-cut AEB-L Steel

Laser-cut AEB-L

Starting from $29

AEB-L is a form of stainless steel developed to achieve premium quality at value steel prices. Never heard of it? Then consider this an introduction to your next blade’s edge.

Initially developed by Bohler-Uddeholm as a superior metal for quality razor blades, AEB-L steel has since become a standard among knife makers and users worldwide.

We love it, too.

Our laser cut AEB-L stainless will maintain a keen edge, take a mirror polish, and be corrosion-free.


Laser-cut AEB-L Steel as Knife Steel

AEB-L is the go-to material for custom knife builds due to its superior durability, ease of sharpening (despite excellent HRC hardness), and affordability. Not to mention it has several finishing options so that you can showcase your blade design. 

Check this one out. 

Without a doubt, your next blade will look stunning, meet all of your practical needs, and fit within a reasonable budget. We offer it in three different thicknesses to service a wide variety of projects. 


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Available Thicknesses

In Deviation Gauge Mm Process
.070″   18 1.778 Laser
.138″   15 3.5 Laser
.160″   11 4.064 Laser

Common Uses

  • Custom Tools 
  • Razor blades
  • Chef Knives
  • EDC
  • Scalpels

Technical Information on Laser Cut AEB-L Steel

Some have heard that AEB-L is similar to 440B or 440A, but that’s not really true. The only similarity between AEB-L and 440B or 440A is the amount of carbon in its composition.

AEB-L has only 12.8% chromium by weight compared to the 16-17% in 440A, and 440B, which makes the steels quite different from each other. AEB-L is actually more similar to stainless 52100 than 440A.

AEB-L naturally forms the K2 carbide, which is harder than the K1 carbide that is found in steels such as 440C. The K2 carbide is about 79 on the Rockwell C scale, compared to 72 for the K1 carbide. Through proper heat treatment, AEB-L has fine, evenly distributed K2 carbides.

The steel is almost on the Carbon Saturation Line, which means that all of the carbides formed are precipitated carbides, not primary carbides like in 440C. Comparatively, there is more carbon in AEB-L than 440C and a similar amount of chromium.

The large primary carbides found in this balanced composition make AEB-L tough, give it excellent edge stability, allow it to be worked well, and facilitate ease of sharpening. 

Please Note:
Due to manufacturing variables, your parts may have small cosmetic imperfections. Such as scratches, marking dye, and dross. Many of these imperfections come to us from the suppliers and represent limitations in fabrication, not errors. We are not able to offer additional processing for AEB-L at this time.


Can we bend it?

Can we tap it?

Do we deburr it?

How large can we cut a part in this?
10″ x 23″

Is it magnetic?

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