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Stainless Steel (410)

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At SendCutSend we know you have specific needs for your projects, and simply because you need stainless steel doesn’t mean you need just any stainless steel. 410 stainless steel is just one of many that we carry.

It’s a better fit than 304 and 316 for certain applications, so we made sure to have it.


Laser-cut 410 stainless steel

Without getting too technical, our 410 steel is significantly different from its 300 series brothers. For starters, it’s martensitic. Again, we won’t get too into this, but essentially that means 410 is harder steel that isn’t as resistant to corrosion as other types.

So, as we mentioned briefly above, 410 carves out a unique place for itself in terms of application. Containing about 11.5% chromium, it has just enough of this element to maintain its corrosion resistance. However, that resistance is limited to atmospheric and mild chemical resistance.
For example, you’d be able to use this steel with cutting tools and instruments designed for potable water wetwork, or that require regular sterilization. Some of these tools might be dental cleaning instruments or surgical implements. Or, outside of medical, perhaps you’d like reliable cutting tools for culinary purposes. Beyond these uses, the limits are only your imagination, provided your imagination has a firm grasp of 410’s properties!
Our 410 stainless steel fits this narrow gap of usages so well that we knew we had to bring it into our lineup. We never want you to pay extra for a capability that you don’t need, so the obvious solution, for us, was to become able to meet the needs of all usage cases.

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 Available Thicknesses

Inches Deviation Gauge Millimeters
.075″ +/- .002″ 14 1.9

Common Uses

  • Cutlery
  • Dental instruments
  • Surgical instruments
  • Pipelines
  • Nozzles
  • Valves
  • And more!


Does it bend?

Can you tap it?

Can this be deburred?

How big can I make a part in this?

Will it rust?
Not under normal conditions

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